Agriculture Number 4

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Newsreel (consists of 4 plots), filmed by order of the State Commission of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for food and purchases, tells about the successes of agriculture in the USSR. Scene № 1 "Meadow under the roof" Cowshed, cows in the yard. Feed processing workshop. The machine for processing hay is in operation. The processed hay moves along the conveyor. Sprouted seeds in boxes in the workshop, on a lift. Processing of germinated seeds for feed. The tractor drives through the barn, scattering feed into the troughs. Cows chew food. The process of machine milking of a cow. The milk flows through the pipeline. A lorry takes out a milk tank from the farm. Scene number 2 "Intensive technology" One of the animal farms. Sable, mink skins. Girls demonstrate fur hats, fur coats. Black-brown foxes, white minks, gray minks in a cage. The zootechnician takes out the mink cubs from the cage. Cages with animals are in the greenhouse, a mini-tractor is passing by in the center, distribution of feed to the cages. The black-brown fox is eating food. The zootechnician examines the animals, takes the silver fox out of the cages. Scene number 3 "At the flower growers of the Moscow region" Summer, Moscow, a flower bed with tulips in one of the squares. Cars are driving, pedestrians are walking. A man with a child stands by the flower bed. A woman shows a little girl tulips in a flowerbed. A child stands by a flower bed, pigeons are nearby. Flower greenhouses of the "GREENERY COMPLEX" state farm. State farm administrative building. Work in the laboratory. Planting carnation seedlings. Bouquets of different varieties of carnations are in vases on the table. Scene number 4 "In the year of our friend" Summer. A herd of horses gallops across the field. Moscow. Horse Breeding Museum. Picturesque canvases depicting horses on the walls. The guide conducts a tour of the halls of the museum. A horse sculpture in the center of one of the halls. Painting “Stallion Cochet. born in 1864 " (artist RF Franz). Sculpture of a mare "Hope. 1947 ". Museum visitors see exhibits. Russian Post stamps depicting horses.
V. Kuznetsov, E. Korshak, V. Berman
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E. Korshak, J. Revzin
Other Creators
G. Балашев, Г. Денисенко, Л. Kashkina
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