Agriculture Number 4

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The issue dedicated to the success of agriculture in the USSR consists of four plots. 1 part. Scene No. 1 "Fattening - 1600 bulls" The Engels collective farm of the Interfarm Association, created on a cooperative basis in the Novopskovsky district of the Voroshilovgrad region (present-day Luhansk region). New calf houses. Gobies in the paddocks. Modern technological equipment in the calf barn. Plants producing whole milk replacer. Gobies are drinking milk replacer. Fodder shop. Production of semi-liquid mixtures. Distribution of silage to feeders. Calves eat silage. The calf weighs the calves. Loading calves into specially equipped truck bodies. A column of trucks with calves is driving along the road. Scene No. 2 "For corn fields" Moldavian SSR, scientific and production association "Hybrid". Cornfield. First generation corn hybrids. Agronomists in the field examine the ears. Moldavian Research Institute of Corn and Sorghum, work in laboratories. Processing of corn on the experimental field. Sowing corn in strips in the field. The seeder is going. Treatment of crops with herbicides. An agronomist in the field examines varieties of different heights. Ear cut for livestock feed. Harvesting corn in the field. Corn and Kolibrovochny Factory (Moldova, Faleshtsky District). Part 2 Plot No. 3 "The power of a fodder hectare" Summer, Byelorussian SSR, Brest region, Order of the Red Banner of Labor collective farm "Zarya kommunizma". The building of the collective farm board. Cows graze in the meadow. Fodder rye field. Mixed planting of peas with mustard, peas with barley. Planting forage beans. Planting clover mixed with cereals. Harvesting grass for hay. Combine harvesters are driving across the field. June, mowing winter forage rye for green forage. Liming the soil. Fertilizing the soil. Intermediate crops. The secretary of the party organization of the collective farm Vasily [Dmitranitsa] and the chairman of the collective farm Ivan Savenko in the field. The tractor is carrying hay in the trailer to the storage. Scene No. 4 "Vegetables under control" Potatoes packed in nets, onions moving along a conveyor. Washed potatoes on a conveyor belt. Workers are sorting potatoes on a conveyor belt. Refrigeration unit - preservative for fresh vegetables. The garlic is ready for storage. Plastic-covered boxes with carrots. Vegetable store - there are boxes covered with foil. Leningrad Technological Institute of the Refrigeration Industry, work in laboratories. A control device created at the institute (monitors the state of potato cells). The device is in operation. A type of equipment designed to test the cells of onions and garlic. A device that measures the bioelectric potential of plant tissue. Express control devices, which the Leningrad industry is starting to produce.
G. Melnik, J. Kulish,
Film ID
, plant growing
, agriculture
, science
Number of Parts
B. Moskalenko, E. Nebylitsky, V. Bezenkov
Other Creators
G. Pikalev, G. Balashev, G. Zhiryakov, A. Zebin, P. Didenko, I. Rabover, E. Volkovsky, V. Simonenko, E. Bessarabov, N. Ruchinskaya, A. Zhuchkov
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Has Sound

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