Agriculture Number 6

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1 part 1-st plot. Biochemistry at the service of selection. The plot tells about the collective work of breeders and biochemists to develop new varieties of wheat. The plot uses the following filming: Breeders of one of the experimental farms in the greenhouse at work during the process of crossing wheat varieties, during laboratory studies of the soil for the content of nutrients in it and other content. Biochemists of the Podmoskovye Research and Production Association conduct biochemical studies of the Moskovskaya-35 spring wheat, which became one of the initial varieties for creating the Rodina variety. Conducting laboratory tests for the content of protein, fats, amino acids, lysine, starch, etc. in wheat grain. Discussion by a team of breeders and biochemists, data of scientific analysis. Interview with Corresponding Member of the All-Union Agricultural Academy E.D. Mittevich (sync.). A group of scientists on an experimental wheat field. Combines are working on grain harvesting of one of the farms. Grain is poured into the back of the truck. 2nd plot. Constructors - to livestock breeders. The plot tells about a refrigeration unit for milk cooling, created by specialists from VIESH and MIISP. The plot uses the following filming: Winter landscape of the Moscow region: trees covered with snow, steam rises above the river, not yet covered with ice. The building of a livestock farm on the collective farm "Zavety Ilyich". Cows stand in stalls on the farm and are kept in open pens in the farm yard. The farm workers take samples of haylage and silage, harvested since autumn, with the help of a special light apparatus created by the specialists of the Agropribor association. Quality control of samples taken under laboratory conditions. A milkmaid washes the udder of a cow before milking. General view of a refrigeration unit created by specialists from the All-Union Institute of Agricultural Electrification and the Moscow Institute of Agricultural Engineers. Testing the installation on a farm at the Zavety Ilyich collective farm. Machine milking of cows on the farm "Zavety Ilyich". The milk from the milk pipe is drained into a special bath. The water that has cooled the milk is returned to the reservoir of the refrigerator. A milk tanker stands at a collective farm. Part 2, Plot 3. New technology. The plot tells about the experience of the farms of the Astrakhan and Volgograd regions on the industrial technology of cultivation of row crops, developed by the Institute of Irrigated Vegetable and Melon Growing. The plot uses the following filming: Tractors with special devices for inter-row cultivation, for cultivation, for removing weeds and loosening the soil, for applying herbicides, etc. work on the fields of the Novozhiznenskoye experimental farm in the Gorodishchensky district of the Volgograd region. Farm machine operators are developing a new model - a duckfoot share for use during cultivation in tandem with weeding rotors and for band application of herbicides. Work of agricultural machinery with the use of new technology in the fields of farms: during the harvesting of sorghum, sunflower, corn, during the sowing of crops and during the cultivation of the soil. 4th plot. 1000 thousand rabbits per year. General view of the estate "Progress" Izmail district, Odessa region. View of a collective farm village, a monument to V. I. Lenin on the square (background). General view of the rabbit farm. Farm workers take care of the animals, feed them, clean the farm premises. Weighing rabbits. Demonstration of rabbits of different breeds.
G. Melnik, Y. Zakrevsky, I. Kantor, V. Bezenkov
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state agricultural enterprises
, livestock
, agricultural sciences
, landscapes
, plant growing
, biology
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E. Korshak, G. Boyarsky, V. Bezenkov
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