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1 part 1-st plot. The reserve of beef cattle breeding. The plot tells about the development of animal husbandry in the USSR on the example of individual specimens of cattle breeds, presented in the pavilion "Animal husbandry" at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR. The plot uses the following filming: A herd of cows from one of the farms, coming from the pasture. Calves in an open pen in the farm yard. Cows stand in stalls on the farm, eating feed. Calves in a special dispensary drink regenerated milk, eat feed from feeders. Cows with calves in an open enclosure (summer camp) on the territory of the pasture. Entrance to the pavilion "Livestock" at the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements. NDP in the pavilion "Meat breeds and fattened young cattle 1985-1986." Visitors to the pavilion where the young are kept. NDP "Animals from the farms of the RSFSR". The guide tells visitors about beef cattle. Kind of cows of the Kazakh white-headed breed. The pavilion worker takes care of the animals. Type of cow of the French breed "Charolais", which are bred in the Stavropol Territory, in Belarus. English cows in stalls. Workers of the breeding station prepare material for insemination of cows. 2nd plot. Heat of groundwater. The plot tells about the use of geothermal installations in the farms of the Krasnodar Territory. The plot uses the following filming: General view of the inter-collective farm fruit and vegetable association in the village of Mostovskoye, created by 7 collective farms of the Krasnodar Territory, where geothermal underground waters are used to heat greenhouses. Greenhouse workers are planting seedlings in the ground. General view of planting green onions, tomatoes in greenhouses. Harvesting cucumbers in one of the greenhouses. General view of the work of the geothermal installation and the main control panel on the farm. Drilling rig operation at the site of geothermal waters. A fountain of hot water springs from the well. The flow of water from the well into the storage tank, from where it is distributed to the greenhouses of the farm. Drainage of water into fish-breeding ponds. The fish swims in the water. Workers catch juvenile fish out of the water with nets, load them into containers and transport them to other fish farms. General view of the village of Mostovskoye, in which residential buildings and public buildings are heated by the warmth of geothermal waters. General view of residential buildings, kindergarten buildings. Kindergarten students play on the playground. General view of tanks with used geothermal waters and installations for pumping used geothermal waters into underground aquifers to constantly maintain reservoir pressure. Part 2, Plot 3. How much fat is in milk? The story tells about the work of the laboratory for analysis of milk quality at VNIITs. The plot uses the following filming: electric milking of cows on a farm of one of the farms. Milkmaids are working. The movement of milk through the milk pipeline. A lab technician measures the amount of fat in milk before sending it to the dairy. Sampling of milk on the farm for subsequent analysis of milk quality in the laboratory at VNIITS. A laboratory employee carries a container with milk samples. General view of the building of the Laboratory for the analysis of milk quality. Demonstration of determining the fat content of milk using a high-speed digital automatic butyrometer using MLTP frames. Laboratory staff at work. The movement of milk carriers on the road. Packages with milk on the conveyor belt of one of the dairies. 4th plot. Reliable protection. The plot tells about the methods of protecting vineyards and orchards from weeds, which were developed at the Research Institute of Plant Protection of the Georgian SSR and at the experimental farm of the All-Russian Research Institute of Winemaking and Viticulture "Magarach". The plot uses the following filming: landscapes of Georgia and Crimea: mountains, vineyards, cypresses. General view of garden plantations on the slopes of the mountains in Georgia. A man spuds the vineyard with a hoe, fights weeds. Employees of the Research Institute of Plant Protection of the Georgian SSR are developing compositions of herbicides for various types of weeds. The work of machinery in the vineyards: the introduction of herbicides, soil cultivation.
E. Ermakov, V. Bezenkov, N. Yakubovsky, J. Kulish
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, state agricultural enterprises
, exhibitions
, food industry
, livestock
, settlements
, preschool education
, landscapes
, plant growing
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V. Bezenkov, Yu. Kuznetsov, A. Rostovtsev
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