Agriculture Number 9

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The newsreel includes plots: 1 part 1-st plot. ACS of an agricultural workshop. The plot tells about the use of ACS in agriculture. The plot uses the following filming: Dump trucks "KAMAZ" on the field of one of the farms, a forklift loads peat into the bodies of dump trucks. Fertilizing the fields of one of the farms. Internal view of the premises of the agrochemical laboratory in one of the farms in Belarus. Laboratory staff are conducting a soil survey on the Yasnaya Zarya collective farm in the Sennensky District of the Vitebsk Region. View of streets in the city of Minsk, traffic on the streets. View of the building where the "Republican Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture of the BSSR" is located. Employees of the Computing Center are at work on entering information into the computer database about the size of the sown areas, about the crops sown on these areas, about the structure of crop rotation. General view of the working room in the Computing Center, where the computers are located. Application of mineral fertilizers to reclaimed land, processing of crops from agricultural pests. Harvesting forage grasses, green mass of corn in one of the farms in Belarus. Harvesting of potatoes and grain in the fields of Belarusian farms. 2nd plot. The school has arrived at the farm. The plot tells about mobile schools of excellence, which are organized in the regional branch of "Agricultural machinery" of the Istra district of the Moscow region. The plot uses the following filming: General view of the building "Agricultural machinery" in the Istra region, mobile schools of excellence - buses with the NDP "Livestock - qualifications" leave the territory of "Agricultural machinery". Experts from mobile schools of excellence conduct classes, incl. and practical with livestock breeders, mechanics, repairmen, electricians, etc. in the farms of the Istra region, show educational films on various topics. Landscape of the Moscow region: river, forest, meadows. 2 part 3-rd plot. Defending the cornfield. The plot is devoted to the problem of combating rodents in the fields with crops of grain. The plot uses the following filming: Panorama of one of the forest-steppe regions of Russia. Vole mice among crops of grain crops. Employees of one of the laboratories of the Institute of Agricultural Microbiology are conducting research on bacteria that have a destructive effect only on rodents, but do not affect animals and birds. General view of the biological preparation of bacteriodencide, which was isolated by the scientists of the institute from strains of different bacteria. Employees of the veterinary laboratory at the Plant Protection Station for the preparation of grain bacteriodencide. General view of packages with poisoned grain. Panorama over a wheat field. Introducing poisoned grain to the fields. Vole mice eat poisoned grain. 4th plot. In the arid steppe. The plot tells about the collective farm "30 years of the Kazakh SSR" in the Pavlodar region. The plot uses the following filming: Landscape of arid steppe in Pavlodar region with cracked land from drought. General view of the collective farm village: a fountain in the square, kindergarten pupils go for a walk in pairs, play in the playground. Drilling wells in the steppe. A fountain of water gushes from the well. A herd of horses gallops in the steppe, cars are passing by in clouds of dust. General view of the collective farm reservoir in the steppe, the work of irrigation installations in the fields of the collective farm. Combines are working on harvesting forage grasses. Sheep in open pens, nutria swim in special pools at the fur farm. Distribution of feed to sheep and camels. A fur farm worker distributes food to fur animals kept in separate cages. General view of the territory of a mechanized livestock complex on a collective farm. Cows on a farm, standing in stalls. Keeping calves in a separate room of the complex, in the so-called calf dispensary. General view of the pigsty. Sows with piglets in separate pens. General view of the collective farm poultry farm, a herd of geese in the yard of the farm, geese swim in the pond; poultry farm worker lays containers with eggs in the incubator, hatched goslings in a cage. General view of a greenhouse farm on a collective farm. Tomatoes, other vegetables and flower plants in greenhouses. Harvesting cucumbers in the greenhouse. Breeding fish on the farm farm: fishermen on the shore of the reservoir, pulling nets with fish. Pupils of the collective farm school in the classroom at a literature lesson, write an essay on the topic "Why do we love our collective farm." Reclamation works in the steppe, laying a concrete channel for an irrigation canal.
E. Nebylitsky, V. Bezenkov, N. Popov
Film ID
state agricultural enterprises
, school education
, rural settlements
, architecture
, computer engineering
, livestock
, scenery
, preschool education
, professional education
, cities
, plant growing
, biology
Number of Parts
E. Nebylitsky, V. Bezenkov, N. Popov
Other Creators
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