Air Raid

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A film about the rules of human behavior during an air raid. Moscow city in the evening. Illuminated roads and streets, windows of residential and industrial buildings. Machine tools work in the shops of the plant. The townspeople shop in the store, listen to music in the concert hall. P.I. Tchaikovsky, watching ballet. The mother of the small child is engaged in needlework at home. An "air raid" signal is announced over the loudspeaker, the factory beep sounds continuously. Residents lower blackout curtains on the windows, put their gas masks in the "ready" position. The lights go out in the city. Cars drive with their headlights off, there is no light in the windows, a dark street. The performance stops in the theater. The woman turns off the electric kettle, the light in the room and with the child in her arms goes down to the shelter. Public transport stops on the streets, and the vigilantes help passengers get to the shelter. Only in the shops of the plant, workers, with prepared gas masks, continue to work on the machines.
S. Gudkov
Film ID
Number of Parts
J. Berliner, P. Zotov
Other Creators
consultant S. Frolov, assistant director A. Sardan, artist I. Sukiasov, sound engineer A. Prozorov
Release Date
Has Sound

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