Akbuzat №3

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Plot 1. Bashkiria (Bashkortostan). The village of Nizhnetroitsk. Landscapes of the environs of the village. Lake. Wedding. The newlyweds are passing in a car along the street of the village. Newlyweds on the street. The territory and buildings of the former copper-smelting plant, now a textile mill. Production processes in workshops. Celebrating the 250th anniversary of the village and the 150th anniversary of the plant. The audience at the green theater in the park. Director of the plant N. Teregulov speaking. Rewarding the workers of the plant. Performance by the female choir. Plot 2. The city of Ufa. May 2003. Gastello Stadium. Championship of the republic in athletics for athletes with disabilities. Performances of athletes with disabilities. Participant and prize-winner of sports competitions V. Tsarkov on the track, gives interviews, receives an award for participating in competitions. Plot 3. Bashkiria. The plot is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the writer R. Akhmedov. R. Akhmedov's books about medicinal herbs. R. Akhmedov and his daughter are collecting medicinal herbs, working on a book, sorting mail, fishing. Summer field and meadow landscapes. Plot 4. Bashkiria. Zalair district. The village of Staroyakupovo. July 2003. The second republican competition of Bashkir folk instruments, dedicated to the memory of I. Dilmukhametov. The National Orchestra of Folk Instruments performs the Ishmullah siphony. Speakers: the ensemble of folk instruments of the Zalair region, the ensemble of kuraists from the Khaibulli region, the soloist of the Bashkir State Philharmonic Society R. Yuldashev, a female dance ensemble. Awarding the winners of the competition. The competition is attended by the Minister of Culture and National Policy of Bashkortostan H. Ishmuratov.
V. Zherekhov
Film ID
a family
, metallurgy
, sports
, textile industry
, literature
, settlements
, population
, artistic activities
, social security
, music
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