Alatyr River

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The film tells about interesting people who live and work in the provincial town of Alatyr in / Ulyanovsk region /. The film uses the following filming: 1 part. Views of the Alatyr River. Views of the city of Alatyr: streets, houses (removed from the movement). A man and a woman are sitting on a bench near the house, a janitor is sweeping the street, people are walking along the street. Local historian and archaeographer Valery Dmitrievich Kochetkov examines and studies archival documents. Antique tomes on the shelves in the museum. Professional woodcarver Nikolai Aleksandrovich Volkov at work: carves wooden figurines from wood. General view of finished products. Part 2. Archaeologist Alexander Viktorovich Viskalin is engaged in paleontological research in the area of the Alatyr River, in the ravines adjacent to the river: he finds fossil fragments of bones of ancient animals, shells in the layers of the earth, puts his finds in a bag. View of the building of the Alatyr Museum of Local Lore. VAV Viskalin lays out his paleontological finds on the table, washes and cleans them. A.V. Viskalin is engaged in the reconstruction and manufacture of ancient stone tools. Part 3. Views of the Alatyr River and the city of Alatyr. General view of the shopping arcade in the city market. Selling vegetables on the market. Customers choose and buy vegetables. The boy rides his bike around the market. The teacher of the village school Fyodor Mikhailovich Nesterov sharpens a scythe, mows the grass in the meadow. Landscapes of the Alatyr River. A man rides a bicycle on a country road, sits on a bridge, makes notes in a notebook.
P.A. Sokolovsky
Film ID
everyday life
, archeology
, museums
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, cities
, trade
, plant growing
, history
Number of Parts
Yu.V. Gobachevsky
Other Creators
S. Golubev, I. Azimov, R. Gladkova
Release Date
Has Sound

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