Albania Flowers

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The capture of Albania by the Ottoman Empire: fires, people are leaving. Skanderbeg riders on horseback (staged). An old peasant house. Peasants at the hearth. Sick child (chronicle). The occupation of Albania by fascist Italy: tanks on the street. Fascist flag on the building. Combat operations of the Albanian partisans. The partisans drop the fascist flag and set up the Albanian one. The rally in the square. On the podium: E. Khoja, M. Shehu (chronicle, 1939). Busts of partisan heroes. Monument to the partisans-heroes. Laying flowers at the monument. The city of Qurbenesh. Concentration plant construction. Extraction of ore. Construction specialists from the GDR. Memaliai city. Coal mining. Oil production. Drillers are working. View of the city of Stalin. City of Cerric. Refinery. The inscription on the gates of the factory "Gift from the Soviet Union". Production processes in workshops. Port of Durres. Unloading and loading at the port. Steamships of different countries in the port. The city of Korca. Knitted factory. Workers at the machines. G. Elbasan. Woodworking plant. Production processes in workshops. The organizer of the movement of rationalizers R. Danksi in the shop. Vacationers swim in the Adriatic Sea, sunbathe on the beach of the Dhermi sanatorium. The building of the sanatorium "Albturist". Return of emigrants to Albania. Meeting with relatives in Tirana. The Bistrica river. Construction of a tunnel for a new river bed. City of Saranda. The streets of the town. Fishing base on the shores of Lake Butrint. Ruins of the ancient city of Butrint. The city of Shrokastra. City streets, traffic. Construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Mati River. Suspended road in the mountains. HPP named after K. Marx on the Mati River. Views of Ulza. G. Shkoder. The building of the opera house. Foyer, theater auditorium. Scenes from the opera "Mrika". Opening of a channel that will connect the swamp to the sea. E. Hodge cuts the ribbon. A farm that arose on reclaimed land. The head of the farm I. Pregorti in the group. Tobacco, corn, citrus plantations. Herds of cows. Plowing the land on the farm. Plantation work. Village of the cooperative "Asim Zeneli". Village streets, club. Chairman of the cooperative E. Hadzhiu at the table. Dagestan. Cooperative delegates visiting the workers of the collective farm named after Karl Marx. Meeting with guests. Albanians inspect sheep. Albania. Sheep in the pasture. Harvesting of wheat, cotton, grapes, citrus fruits. Harvest Festival. The folk song and dance ensemble is dancing. Wedding in the village of Darda. Border guards on guard. Pioneer camp in Shirokoye. Children do exercises, swim. Tirana city. Airfield in the city. Aircraft from different countries at the airport. The streets of the town. Transport movement. The building of the cinema "Partizan". Trade in the bazaar. Residents on the streets, in a cafe. Rest of the Albanians. Theater building. Workers go to work at a textile factory. Brigade of communist labor N. Jerdzhi at work. Production processes in the shops of the Clement Gottwald shoe factory. Tirana University building. Students in the classroom, pass exams, receive diplomas. Student ball. The building of the Palace of Pioneers. Children study in circles. Nikita Khrushchev's visit to Albania. Residents of Tirana welcomed Nikita Khrushchev. Rally at Skanderberg Square. On the podium and speak: NS Khrushchev, E. Khodzha. Life of the Albanians. Moscow city. Opening of the exhibition of the fine arts of the socialist countries. Works of Albanian sculptors, artists at the exhibition. The signing of the declaration of the socialist countries in the Kremlin. The declaration is signed by: NS Khrushchev, E. Khoja, Mao Tse-Tung (chronicle, 1957). Mountain landscapes; Ionian, Adriatic seas; lakes Butrinto, Ulza; rivers.
I. Kopalin, Andri Keko
Film ID
social and political movement
, transport
, industry
, nature
, architecture
, international connections
, health care
, agriculture
, education
, utilities
, art
Number of Parts
V. Vorontsov, A. Levitan, Yani Nano
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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