All for One

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The plot of the film tells about the fight against drunkenness at the Ulyanovsk Instrument-Making Association. Winter street of Ulyanovsk: passers-by, passing cars, buses; a tram is passing along one of the streets. Employees of the Ulyanovsk Instrument-Making Association go to work, go to the checkpoint of the enterprise with passes. Two men pass through a specially organized checkpoint with special passes - they are labor discipline violators who have been convicted of drunkenness. One of the men is at a special device, breathing into a tube. The device shows an unacceptable amount of alcohol in the body of a man. General view of special passes for violators of labor discipline and public order. Production processes in the workshops of the enterprise. Workers at their workplaces. A conference call with the deputy general director of the association on discipline (sync.). Interview with the foreman of one of the shops (sinhr.), Who talks about the fact that the team is currently working without violations of labor discipline. One of the members of the brigade - a fitter-adjuster Vladimir Kozlov, in the past abused alcohol and there was a question about his dismissal. However, he, as a good specialist, was pitied and given time for correction. He currently works in a brigade and does not violate labor discipline. Vladimir Kozlov at work in the shop. Not a single case of drunkenness is left without attention on the unification. The factory narcologist talks with the patient in the office. The factory sociologist is talking with a young specialist who has come to an appointment due to personal problems that have arisen. Meeting of the Council of Prevention at the Enterprise. Members of the Council investigate the personal files of disciplinary offenders. Hear them at the meeting. An interview with one of the employees of the enterprise (sync. And behind the scenes.), Who talks about how she abused alcohol in the past. But a successful marriage and her husband's support saved her from this destructive habit. Her life has become more meaningful. Family and community work take up all of her free time. Employees of the enterprise take part in a mass ski race at the factory camp site, work out in a gym, in a circus studio. Factory family evening in the enterprise cafe. Parents and children lead round dances, visiting the exhibition. Young people are dancing in a disco. Performance of an amateur factory folk group at one of the concerts: the participants in the course are singing, the members of the choreographic group are dancing.
N. Kotov
Film ID
, medical services for the population
, urban transport
, automobile transport
, relaxation
, public catering
, physical culture and recreational work
, mechanical engineering
, artistic activities
, cities
Number of Parts
A. Nazarov
Other Creators
O. Teplenko, S. Alekseev, L. Lebedeva, V. Shubin
Release Date
Has Sound

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