All Return From the Voyage

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By order of the Central Council OSVOD RSFSR. The film sketch tells about the powerboat clubs working under the leadership of the OSVOD Council, about the use of small boats to protect human life on the water. The motor ship "Valerian Kuibyshev" is sailing along the Volga. The motor ship on hydrofoils "Raketa", the boat "KSHA-00-77" with passengers, a barge are sailing. Vacationers on the beach. A panoramic view of the motor boats moored. Spontaneous parking of motor boats on the Volga bank, near the rubbish. Types of the Volga banks. Spontaneous parking of motor boats on the banks of the Neva. Panorama of the boats among the garbage on the shore. Wooden house in Leningrad, which houses the water-motor club "Neva". Stand with the rules of the internal order of the VMK "Neva". Boxes on the banks of the Neva, in which motor boats are stored. Men are repairing boats. Transportation of the motor boat by crane. Anchorage of the club's ships. Opening of navigation in the clubs "Neva" and "Baltiets" (Leningrad City Committee OSVOD). Control post. The boat with passengers moors to the shore, the inspector checks the man's navigational license, the presence of a full set of life-saving equipment. Public inspectors watch the ships leave the base. Members of the club "Baltiets" train in the outdoor pool to help victims on the water. Fragments from the Victim Assistance Competition. Fans in the stands. Presentation of diplomas to the winners. Meeting of the commission at the Council of the club "Baltiets", dealing with the safety of people on the water. The headquarters of the water safety squad of the Neva club, the vigilantes go on duty. Duty boats with vigilantes are sailing on watch along the rivers. Rescuers get the overturned boat out of the water. Leningrad, mass festivities on the embankment of the Neva. Representatives of powerboat clubs perform demonstrations on the water. Vacationers on the city beach near the Peter and Paul Fortress, in the foreground - a lifeguard is sailing in a boat. Boats sail along the Gulf of Finland.
N. Kotov
Film ID
water sports
Number of Parts
B. Bychkov
Other Creators
Consultant - N. Gordymov, scriptwriter - I. Efremova, editor - G. Shaposhnikova
Release Date
Has Sound

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