Almanac of Cinematography № 254

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First part. 1st plot. Borovsk. PAFNUTIEV MONASTERY. Kaluga region, Borovsk. General view of the Borovsky Pafnutev Monastery. Fortress walls with towers, a bell tower, the Nativity Cathedral of the monastery. Tiles on the facade of the cathedral. Fragments of painting in the cathedral. The dungeon of the monastery. A man with a torch descends the stairs into the dungeon. Snowy field. Geese near the haystack. Cracked dome of a wooden church. A ginger cat lies near the carved casing. The girl pours water into a bucket from the column. The artist writes at an easel on a city street. Wooden dwelling house decorated with carvings. Local residents show their models of churches in Borovsk. View of the church and its layout. 2nd plot. ON THE CHUSOVA RIVER, Perm region Ice drift on the river. Chusovoy. View of the village on the river bank. A wooden chapel, a wooden dwelling house and other buildings brought from the Ural villages to the territory of the Historical and Ethnographic Complex of the Chusovaya River. School teacher L.D. Postnikov in the hut draws a church in the hut, a carpenter is working nearby. Builders are restoring a wooden structure. Blacksmith at work. The interior of a peasant hut. Peasant household items. Icon in the hut. Interior of a room in a peasant hut with a cradle for a baby. Saddle, harness, arch for a horse in the entrance of the hut. Schoolchildren inspect the old sledges, work in the vegetable garden on the territory of the complex. Panel, which depicts Yermak's sailing along the Chusovaya river, in the school museum. Schoolchildren in the museum. Pictures from the cycle "Ermak's Campaign" by local artist Pavel Shardanov. Chain mail and helmet on a mannequin in the museum. Monument to Ataman Yermak. The inscription on the pedestal: "1582-1585". Rocky river bank. Schoolchildren are sailing along the Chusovaya River in a motor boat. Teacher LD Postnikov and a group of schoolchildren are sitting around the fire. The girl plays the guitar. Schoolchildren tents. Bonfire. The second part of. 3rd plot. ALA-ARCHA, Kyrgyzstan. Natural National Park Ala-Archa. Northern slope of the Kyrgyz ridge. Poppies in the valley of the mountains. Mountain river. Flowers in the mountains. Juniper forests are a juniper forest. An employee of the reserve writes in a notebook. Wooden road sign with the inscription: “Ala-Archa. Kyrgyz State Natural Park ". Owl, roe deer and other animals. Schoolboy on excursions in the park and in the museum. Stuffed birds in the museum. Schoolchildren take a horse ride in the park. Flowering shrub. 4th plot. ANCIENT PYRAMIDS OF MEXICO. Mexico, Mexico City. Views of one of the central districts of the city (top). The movement of transport on the streets of the city. Road horse carriage on the street. Fountains. Monument to the ancient Indians. Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico (aerial photography). Architectural monuments of ancient Indian cultures. "House of the Wizard" - a temple on the pyramid in Ushmal. Observatory, Temple of Warriors, Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza. Tourists visiting the monuments. Mayan calendar. Drawing of an ancient Indian well. Tourists near the entrance to the well. Tourists climb the steps of the Kukulkan pyramid, the number of which is 365 days a year. Local women weave antique patterns. Their children are sitting on the street next to the craftswomen. A woman is feeding a baby. Views of the Yucatan Peninsula.
A. Levin, N. Yakubovsky, A. Gorchukov, V. Shatalov, B. Golovnya (production director)
Film ID
out-of-school education
, automobile transport
, architecture
, nature reserves
, everyday life
, christianity
, museums
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, cartage
, decorative and applied art
, cities
, sculpture
, geography
, painting
Number of Parts
M. Punans, Y. Shuplyakov, A. Gorchukov, V. Shatalov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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