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1 part 1-st plot "Spring on Vakhsh" Field of red poppies in the Vakhsh valley against the background of the mountain landscape of Tajikistan. Landscapes of the Vakhsh valley. The man is riding a donkey. View of the Vakhsh river. The movement of heavy dump trucks working on the construction of the last stage of the Nurek HPP. Bulldozer work. View of one of the administrative buildings of the construction management. View of the city of power engineers - Nurek. Types of residential buildings, squares, fountains. A motorcyclist drives along the street, girls are passing by. Girls are sitting on a bench on a terrace house. View of one of the courtyards. A man cooks pilaf in a cauldron, treats his neighbors. Water boils at the dam of the 1st unit of the Nurek HPP. Installation of other HPP units. Panorama of the construction of the last stage of the cascade of stations of the Nurek HPP. General view of the reservoir. The movement of water along the gutter of the irrigation canal. Women - workers of one of the farms spud planting in the field. Mountains of harvested fine-staple cotton. The work of irrigation installations on the fields of one of the farms of Tajikistan in the [Evanskaya] steppe. View of the bridge over the canal. General view of the firing positions of meteorologists of the anti-hail service against the background of the blossoming Vakhsh valley. The specialist who maintains the weapons loads one of them with projectiles containing chemicals that prevent the hailstones from growing to dangerous sizes. Shot of guns at the clouds in the sky. It is raining on fields in the Vakhsh valley. A panorama of the branches of a sweet cherry with berries. Lemon fruits on the tree. A man in the garden holds a branch with fruits. The girl is eating an apple, the little girl is walking with a bunch of flowers. 2nd plot "Kolyma miracle" Kolyma landscape: spruce trees, a road in the mountains, hills, a frozen river. The car is driving along the frozen river. View of hot, non-freezing springs in the Talaya resort, not far from Magadan. A bus with passengers goes along the road to the resort. General view of the Kolyma highway. Signpost on the side of the road with NDP "TALAYA". View of the Talaya river valley, mountains in the background. Panorama of the resort complex. Vacationers at the resort relax in the fresh air. One of the vacationers takes a bath with healing water. Type of greenhouses on the territory of the resort, which are heated using hot spring water. Growing early vegetables in greenhouses. One of the workers carries a basket of fresh cucumbers. View of the dining room. The waitress is bringing a serving table with a plate of fresh cucumbers. View of the winter garden in the sanatorium. A group of vacationers are sitting in one of the rooms with a cave interior, drinking mineral water. Vacationers in the pool, do gymnastics, take contrast baths. A group of tourists on the balcony of one of the sanatorium buildings, take air baths. Ski trip in the forest of the tourists of the Talaya resort. A bus with vacationers goes along the road. 2 part 3-rd plot “Smolensk. Pages of history »Landscape of the Dnieper River in the vicinity of Smolensk. View of the Assumption Cathedral. Panorama of the city through the creeping fog. The pleasure boat is sailing along the river. General view of the Church of St. Peter and Paul (XII century) on Gorodyanka. View of the Church of St. Barbara (18th century) and the Church of the Archangel Michael. Panorama of the fortress wall and towers of the Smolensk Kremlin. View of one of the streets of the city. Tram and passenger car movement along the street. Fragment of the monument "Grateful Russia to the heroes of 1812". View of a cannon during the war of 1812 ". One of the towers of the Smolensk Kremlin and the entrance gate. Monument to M.I. Kutuzov.NDP on the monument "TO THE GREAT RUSSIAN COMMANDER MIKHAIL ILLARIONOVICH KUTUZOV-SMOLENKY". Coat of arms of Smolensk. City street. The building of the Wedding Palace in the former Engelhardt mansion (late 19th century). View of the memorial complex in the park of the Industrial District, dedicated to 30,000 Soviet prisoners of war who died in concentration camp No. 126. Eternal flame. View of a military cemetery near the fortress wall. A soldier lays flowers on one of the graves. Trucks are moving along the highway. Tank T-34 on a pedestal at the entrance to Smolensk. General views of the V.I. Lenin in Smolensk, the building of the city and regional administration. Monument to the defenders of Smolensk in the Lopatinsky Garden. The inscription on the pedestal of the monument "5 AUGUST PROTECTED SMOLENSK 62 BATALION8 ESKADRONOV". Historical and architectural complex "Teremok" in Flenovo: views of Teremka (1901, architect S.V. Malyutin) and the Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit (1900-1905). Monument to the composer M.I. Glinka. Memorial plaque on the building with the NDP “In 1849-1855. THE GREAT TRAVELER AND RESEARCHER OF CENTRAL ASIA NIKOLAY MIKHAILOVICH PRZHEVALSKY STUDIES AT THE SMOLENSK MEN'S COLLEGE. Barelf on the wall with N.M. Przhevalsky. Smolensk students in the audience at a lecture, in the classroom in the laboratories of the Institute. General view of the railway station in Smolensk. The movement of the passenger train. Panorama of the city (filmed from the top point). 4th plot "From Colombo to Kataragama" IL-62 plane at the airport of Colombo - the capital of Sri Lanka. Landscapes of Sri Lanka. Palm trees on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Cows lie on the shore. View of the bell on the fortress tower. General view of the fortress from the ocean. View of the ruins of an old Dutch fortress and a shield on the gate with the monogram of the East India Company. Cannon XV century. on the shore. General view of dilapidated ancient Buddhist temples. People on the territory of the temple complex. Buddha statue. Buddhists worship their god. Polonnaruwa is the ancient capital of the island. Buddhist monk prays at the Buddha statue. View of the statue of King Parakramabahu the Great. General view of the reservoir, created in the XII century in Anuradhapura. A buffalo is driving a cart down the street. Pilgrims climb the hill, descend the steps. Monkeys in the trees. View of the sacred Bodhi tree at Bodh Gaya. Men and women near the temple, enter the temple. Images of Hindu deities. Details of stone ornaments and friezes. Temple in the city of Kataragama. The monk rings the bell. The procession passes by the temple during a festive procession in honor of the Hindu god Scandi, the main deity of the islanders. The musicians lead the procession. People with fruits go to the temple. Sculpture of the god Scandi. Sri Lanka landscape: cultivated fields, jungle.
E. Eratov, L. Nikulin, Yu. Zakrevskoy, G. Holny
Film ID
urban transport
, technical cultures
, automobile transport
, fruit crops
, higher professional education
, spa assistance
, landscapes
, hydropower
, foreign countries (sri lanka)
, everyday life
, monuments to military equipment
, fraternal graves and cemeteries of soviet warriors on the territory of the ussr
, monuments of history and architecture
, features of nationality
, orthodox churches and monasteries
, cultivation of crops in closed ground
, operation of irrigation systems
, cities
, railway transport
, air transport
, buddhism
Number of Parts
Yu Shuplyakov. R. Trishin, O. Fedotov, B. Makhov
Other Creators
scriptwriters Y. Gurvich, V. Stezhensky, composer I. Egikov, sound engineer B. Kokin, editor T. Uspenskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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