Almanac of Film Travel № 133

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Part 1 Plot 1 "Spring has come to the city" Kyrgyz SSR, the city of Frunze. Kind of blooming scarlet poppies. The streets of the town. Transport. The policeman regulates traffic on the roadway. View of a passing trolleybus. The building of the Maldybaev Opera and Ballet Theater. A century-old tree. Mass Grave with an obelisk to the Red Guards who fell in the struggle for Soviet power. "Eternal Fire" in memory of those killed in the Great Patriotic War. The building of the State Memorial Museum of the revolutionary Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze. Residents of the city walk in the squares. May Day demonstration. Columns of workers with banners, flags, portraits of V.I. Lenin. Type of banner with the NDP: "GLORY to the KPSS". A group of girls in national clothes. People are resting at the tables of a street cafe. Photographs of the city of Frunze, which was called Pishpek until 1926, now it is the city of Bishkek. Scene 2 "House in Klin" Moscow region, the city of Klin. View of the city at night. Snow-covered houses and trees. House-museum of the great Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Exhibits in the house-museum: a grand piano with notes, a table with writing instruments, chairs. Portraits of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the Russian composer Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka on the wall. Sheet music for symphony No. 6 - the last symphony by P.I. Tchaikovsky. Portrait of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Part 2 Plot 3 "A Day in Mirny" Yakutia, the city of Mirny. Special equipment for the extraction of kimberlite ore - one of the primary sources of diamonds. Dump truck "BELAZ" goes along the road. One of the city's enrichment enterprises. Monument to the discoverers of diamond deposits, opened on October 12, 1970, which is a 24-meter reinforced concrete obelisk in the form of a diamond kimberlite pipe. View of a one-story two-apartment building - the first planned residential building in the city, commissioned on May 1, 1957, within the walls of which there is a museum of local lore. School building # 7. Geologist, Lenin Prize laureate, one of the discoverers of the diamond deposit - Yuri Ivanovich Khabardin in his study. Moscow city. Diamond "Maria" weighing 105.98 carats, found by an employee of the enrichment enterprise of the city of Mirny - Maria Markovna Konenkova and named after her, is stored in the State Diamond Fund. Plot 4 "Maputo - the capital of Mozambique" Republic of Mozambique, the city of Maputo. View of a high-rise building in the city. People are passing by. Cars. Girls near a street telephone booth. NDP: "LENIN STREET" on the sidewalk edge. River port. Fishing boats and cutters. View of the Soviet cargo ship with NDP: "KIROVSK". Unloading bags. The exhibits of the open-air museum are rusty anchors from the ships of the Portuguese colonialists. View of flowering trees. The building of the National Museum of Natural History. Museum employee. School children in the museum. Governor Joseph Moyane, a former mine worker who fought to liberate Mozambique, in a car; in the office.
A. Klyuchnikov, B. Golden Blanc, A. Mironov
Film ID
, extractive industry
, holidays
, urban transport
, marine fleet
, public catering
, museums
, theatre
, music
, rest of the population
, militia
, foreign countries (republic of mozambique)
, cities
, sculpture
, revolutionary movement
, art
Number of Parts
L. Maksimov, A. Klement'ev, N. Petrosov, M. Maslenkov
Other Creators
screenwriters V. Belyakov, V. Rutitskaya, B. Goldenblank, author of the text I. Mendzheritsky, composer I. Kosmachev, sound engineer B. Kokin, editor T. Uspenskaya, director of the almanac V. Varlamov
Release Date
Has Sound

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