Almanac of Film Travel №199

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Taiga (landscape). Reindeer teams are moving in the tundra. Surveyors work in the taiga. Pioneers are developing the Pechora coal basin. Trucks are driving along a forest road (winter shooting). The helicopter transports cargo during a blizzard. Drilling workers. about. Madagascar. NDP on residential buildings. Rainforest, river (landscape). Residents of the capital Antananarivo walk in a tropical garden, along the shore of a reservoir in a park. Tourists take pictures of exotic plants. NDP on the reserve. The secretary bird sits in a nest on a tree. Crocodile, turtles, lemurs in the rainforest reserve. People walk along the streets of the city of Antananarivo, vehicles are passing by. General view of the city (filmed from the top point). The second part of Volhynia. NDP on the interiors of the rooms of the candidate of law Petr Kosach and his wife, the writer Alyona Pchilka. Folk boating on the water, dancing, round dances on the banks of the river during the holiday of Ivan Kupala. A panorama of the interiors of the house-museum of the poetess Lesya Ukrainka (Larisa Kosach-Kvitka) in the village [Kolodezhnoe]. Monument to Lesya Ukrainka Poland in the garden near the house-museum (autumn shooting). A woman collects water from a well in the courtyard of her house. Cows graze in a meadow near a reservoir. NDP in the woods. The horse is walking along a forest path. The foliage is falling from the trees. Fire burns in the fireplace. A panorama of the building of an ancient castle (filmed from the top and bottom points). "Lesja Ukrainka's poetic wreath" floats down the river. The third part is the Caucasus. NDP mountains, the building of the hotel "Pearl" on the Black Sea coast (removed from a flying plane). Waterfalls in the mountains (landscape). A group of mountain autotourists under the leadership of [U. A. Reilian] are discussing the upcoming route of the path, resting by the fire in the forest. NDP members of the expedition in cars make their way along the mountain slopes, laying flowers at the monument to the fallen soldiers of the Soviet Army who blocked the path of the Nazi invaders to the Black Sea coast in 1941-1943. NDP on a mountain lake. A column of cars is moving along a mountain road.
B. Golovnya
Film ID
urban transport
, holidays
, public leisure and recreation facilities
, rural settlements
, automobile transport
, energy
, architecture
, building
, festivities
, museums
, tourism
, animal world
, vegetable world
, cities
, air transport
, hotels
, peoples life
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
Sound engineer A. Romanov
Release Date
Has Sound

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