Almanac of Film Travel №200

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The first part is ROADS OF MEMORY. Moscow. The building of the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS). The New Year tree shines with lights on one of the city streets .. General view of the Kremlin (shot from the top point). Lenin's Mausoleum on Red Square. The honor guard is changing. An eternal flame burns. View of the Brest Fortress. c / t b / w 1941 Fascist planes drop bombs on the city of Brest. Monument to the fallen heroes of the Brest Fortress. Belarus. General view of the memorial architectural and sculptural complex of Khatyn. Leningrad. Tanya Savicheva's diary. An eternal flame burns. Stalingrad. Monument to the heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad. c / t b / w 1945 Moscow. Meeting of the soldiers at the Belorussky railway station. Parachute jumpers. ROADS IN THE XXI CENTURY. Construction of BAM: a freight train is carrying timber; Brigadier Bondar and Varshavsky are laying the last railroad tracks. The second part Icebreaker in the ice. The helicopter flies in the sky. Snow-covered space of the Yamburgskoye gas field. Gas production process. Drilling. View of the village of Yamburg. Women are engaged in housekeeping. People in the post office building. Craftsmen make pottery. Spinning wheels at work. AT THE SOURCE OF OUR ROADS. NDP on the utensils of a wooden wooden hut: stove tiles, ceramic vessels. A shepherd grazes a flock of sheep on a forest slope. Pottery is painted for artists. Men and women in national costumes perform Russian folk dances, dance in nature (winter shooting). ROADS THROUGH THE AGE. Western Georgia. Black Sea coast. The members of the expedition, led by Tim Severin, operate the oars in a boat off the coast of Colchis. NDP on the ruins of the ancient city. Residents of Colchis at a holiday in honor of T. Severin and his team on the seashore. Space orbital station (imagery from space). Astronauts in space. Earth planet emblem.
A. Mironov
Film ID
urban transport
, railroad transport
, building
, sea transport
, villages
, landscapes
, handicraft industry
, second world war (including the great patriotic war)
, astronomy & cosmonautics
, decorative and applied art
, cities
, improvement of settlements
, hotels
, geography
Number of Parts
M.Komolikov, N.Zotov, A.Klimentiev, I.Puntakov, A.Sologubov, A.Fomin
Other Creators
Sound engineer N. Roginskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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