Almanac of Film Travel № 202

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First part. 1. FIRST PORT IN RUSSIA. The city of Arkhangelsk. Passenger, cargo and sailing ships on the Northern Dvina River. Vessels "Petrokrepost", "Pioneer of Karelia", "Sedov". Engravings depicting the Arkhangelsk port and shipyard. View of one of the city districts. High-rise residential buildings. Citizens on the streets. Fountain in the square. Monument to Peter the Great. The inscription on the pedestal: "Peter the Great 1911" A festive procession of townspeople, sailors, military brass bands on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the city. Eternal flame. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War on the street. Children lead a round dance. Sailboats on the river. Sailors on the mast of a sailboat. Festive fireworks. Newsreel footage of 1912: Seeing off the expedition of G.S. Sedov from the port in Arkhangelsk. The steamer "St. Martyr Fock" departs from the pier. The people at the pier. Expedition leader G.S. Sedov on deck. 2. IN THE BLUE BAY. Krasnoyarsk Territory, Gelendzhik. Vacationers on the beach. The deep-sea vehicle plunges into the sea in the Golubaya Bay area. The operator at the control panel of the deep-sea vehicle. Underwater filming: a mechanical manipulator of the apparatus takes samples to study the bottom; algae planted specifically to cleanse the sea; scuba divers inspect algae; mussels; an underwater farm for growing mussels, which are the natural biofilters of the sea; scuba diver examines the farm; seahorse, crab, fish under water; movement of the deep-sea vehicle "Chernomor - 2000"; scuba diver with jellyfish. The scientist lays out samples of algae on the table in the laboratory. The pier. The second part of. 3. CITY ON BAM. Star city on the BAM. Snowy forest. Railway bridge (motion video). The train rushes along the railroad in the taiga. Schoolchildren in the classroom at the lesson. Children in the playroom of the kindergarten. The building of the railway station "Zvezdnaya". Passengers buy tickets at the ticket office of the station. Buildings of residential four-storey buildings. Locals descend the stairs from the mountain. A woman carries a child in a stroller. Girls pass along the street. The building on which hangs a banner with the inscription: "Give the highway The building of the shopping center. People in the shopping center climb the stairs. Buyers at the counter of the food department. Buyers in the trading floor of the department of industrial goods choose hats, outerwear. Felling at a timber industry enterprise near Zvezdny. Transportation of sawn trees. Loading logs in a freight train. Schoolchildren enter the building of the museum of the history of BAM. A tour guide in the museum with a group of schoolchildren. Tent of the pioneers of the BAM in the museum's exposition. The first shock groups of builders, preparation of the site for the construction of the village (photo). passes the residential buildings of the town of Zvezdny 4. HOLIDAY IN SOROCHINTSY. kraina, village Bolshie Sorochintsy. The building of the church, in which the record of the birth of N.V. Gogol has been preserved. Gazebo on the bank of the river. The house where the writer spent his childhood. The interior of one of the rooms. Stained glass on the window. Portrait and manuscripts of Nikolai Gogol. Traditional folk holiday "Sorochinskaya Fair". Trade in items of arts and crafts. Potter at work. Craftswomen in national Ukrainian costumes knit and spin yarn. Performance of folklore dance groups. A seller of melons in a national costume stands near a cart with fruits and vegetables. Fragment of the performance “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”. An actor in the make-up of the writer Nikolai Gogol, with a feather in his hand, rides in a road carriage at the fair.
B. Goldenblank, A. Klimentiev, D. Mamedov, Y.Brikker, B. Slomyansky (stage director)
Film ID
, relaxation
, bypopulation
, timber industry
, state trade
, literature
, festivities
, preschool education
, vegetable world
, artistic activities
, private trade
, river transport
, museums
, villages
, animal world
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, protection of nature and the environment
, rural settlements
, school education
, state and public holidays (anniversaries of cities)
, peoples life
, second world war (including wwii)
, ecology
, cities
, railway transport
, home life
Number of Parts
N. Verblovsky, A. Klimentiev, D. Mamedov, K. Fedorovich
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