Almanac of Film Travel № 203

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Part 1 Plot 1 "The wealth of Cheleken" Turkmen SSR, the city of Cheleken. People in the city square, in the park. Girls at the tables of a street cafe. Type of drilling rigs and oil pumps. The work of oil workers. Cheleken chemical plant building; workshop of the plant; products on the conveyor. Plot 2 "Saaremaa Island" Estonian SSR, Saaremaa island. Picturesque landscapes of the largest island in the Moonsund archipelago. A species of rare plants, including the Saaremaa rattle, in the Vilsandi National Park. A farm museum in an Estonian village. Wooden mill. The medieval castle of Kuressaare, which is the main attraction of the island. The Cahul field airfield, from which from August 8 to September 5, 1941, Soviet bombers carried out the first air raids on the city of Berlin. Fragment of the monument to the fallen pilots. View of the memorial stone from the NDP: "THE FAMOUS SEAFARER AND DISCOVER OF ANTARCTIDA F. BELLINSHAUSEN WAS BORN HERE ON SEPTEMBER 20, 1778". Fishing vessel in the Baltic Sea. View of the lighthouse from the shore. Part 2 Plot 3 "Postmen of Amundsen" Krasnoyarsk Territory, Dikson settlement. View of two-story houses and a passing all-terrain vehicle. Monument to the expedition of the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen, who died in 1928 while searching for the wrecked Umberto Nobile expedition in the Barents Sea. Sled dogs. A house on the site of the winter hut. Reindeer teams. Plot 4 "The equator is very close" Ukrainian SSR, Ivanovo - Frankovsk region, the city of Yaremche. The building of the tourist base "Berkut". Type of tourist houses. A passenger bus arrives at the base. Preparation for sports competitions. Opening of the competition. Musical ensemble in national costumes. Competitions in motorcycle, water sports, rock climbing. The audience is watching. Winner's reward ceremony. Closing ceremony of the competition.
B. Slomyansky, D. Mamedov, L. Ostrovsky, E. Pokrovsky
Film ID
rural settlements
, airfields
, oil industry
, chemical industry
, museums
, tourism
, folk music
, fishing industry
, landscapes
, monuments
, restcitypopulation
, cartage
, cities
, sculpture
, national parks
, dedicated to the great patriotic war
, sports-mass work
Number of Parts
D. Mamedov, J. Revzin, V. Kryuchkin, E. Pokrovsky
Other Creators
text author I. Linkova, sound engineer N. Roginskaya, editor Y. Kalinichev, director Y. Rozhkovskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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