Almanac of Film Travel № 206

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Part 1 Plot 1 "Elabuga - continuation of history" Tatar ASSR, the city of Elabuga. Passenger motor ship on the Kama river. Pier with PDP: "ELABUGA". A UAZ car is driving along the street. A harnessed horse carries flasks. The historical part of the city. Tourists get off the bus. A memorial plaque on the house-museum of Nadezhda Andreevna Durova with the NDP: “IN THIS HOUSE HAD LIVED FROM 1841 AND DIED IN 1866, Nadezhda Andreevna Durova, CAVALERIST - GIRL, HERO OF THE PATRIOTIC WAR OF 1812, ORDINARETS FELD KUTUZOV ". The furnishings of the room in the house. Portrait of N.A. Durova. Tourists in the house-museum of the artist Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. Portrait of the artist's father - Ivan Vasilievich Shishkin. The artist's paintings are on display at the museum. Architectural monuments of the city: "Yelabuga settlement" - the remains of a fortified ancient settlement and the building of the Yelabuga Pedagogical Institute, built in 1903. View [Yelabuga Spassky Cathedral]. Construction of residential buildings in the city. Construction of a tractor plant. View of a passing powerful heavy equipment. Plot 2 "Expedition to Vaygach" Arkhangelsk region, Vaygach island. Landscapes of the island. Doctor of Historical Sciences Leonid Pavlovich Khlobystin with members of the Leningrad archaeological expedition examine the artifacts found during archaeological excavations. View of the upper layers of the excavation site of the XII-XIII centuries. Part 2 Plot 3 "Colors of Adygea" Republic of Adygea, Pobeda village. Tourist base. Trailers for tourist accommodation. Preparing tourists for an equestrian trip. A column of tourists on horseback is going along the indicated route. Tourists at a halt. Deer, bison in the forest. Swimming in a mountain lake. Farewell dinner for tourists. Plot 4 "At the origins of Tbilisi" Georgian SSR, the city of Tbilisi. One of the miraculous sources. City views. The historical part of the city, where the sulfur baths are located, built in the 16th-19th centuries. Equestrian statue of David IV the Builder - the king of Georgia, during whose reign the Georgian principalities were united into a single state.
T. Martyntseva, D. Mamedov
Film ID
automobile transport
, building
, livestock
, expeditions
, plant growing
, geography
, higher professional education
, cities
, river transport
, museums
, tourism
, paganism
, landscapes
, everyday life
, archeology
, monuments of history and architecture
, features of nationality
, oil industry
, tractor industry
, urban utilities
Number of Parts
S. Moskalev, A. Gorchukov, L. Belyakov
Other Creators
author of the text B. Vakhnyuk, sound engineer B. Kokin, editor Y. Kalinichev, director Y. Rozhkovskaya, musical arrangement S. Vasilenko
Release Date
Has Sound

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