Almanac of Film Travel №207

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1 part. 1st plot. Today, tomorrow and always. Eastern Siberia. BAM zone. Trucks are carrying coal, ore. The freight train of the train moves along the railway track. Blasting and construction work. New buildings. NDP on the "Lena Pillars" (highlands). The course of the Lena River. (scenery). Landscapes of the North-East of Baikal: Poland across the desert, landscapes of the East Siberian taiga, slopes of snowy mountains. Bears, wild boar, squirrel, beaver, marten in the forest. Scientists work in a laboratory with microscopes. 2nd plot. Good summer holidays. Bulgaria. NDP in the city of Plovdiv (filmed from the top point). Residents of the city at a theatrical performance dedicated to the future harvest. Children and adults during the rural holiday of Good Summer participate in pagan rituals, sing songs about peasant labor (sync. In Bulgarian), lead round dances. Part 2. 1st plot. The continent of science. Leningrad. Exhibits in one of the halls of the Museum of the Navy. Portraits of seafarers, leaders of the Russian naval expedition to the South Pole F.F.Bellingshausen and M.P. Lazarev (picture). Antarctica. NDP. Penguins. Scientific station in the ice. Cape "Alexander the First Coast" in the Southern Arctic Ocean (landscape). Ships. The Russian flag flutters in the wind. 2nd plot. Literary plot. Odessa. Ships, a lighthouse in the port. People walk along the Potemkin Stairs. The excursion literary retro tram carries tourists through the city streets, stopping at the houses where Russian writers and poets lived in different years: A.S. Pushkin, Valentin and Yevgeny Kataevs, I.E. Babel, I. Ilf and E. Petrov, E. Bagritsky, S. Kirsanov. The building of the publishing house "Moryak". Newspaper stand. Portrait of Vera Inber, books, portrait of KI Chukovsky.
A. Mironov, L. Popov
Film ID
urban transport
, holidays
, building
, sea transport
, literature
, animal world
, navy
, vegetable world
, cities
, peoples life
, art
Number of Parts
M. Komolikov, L. Fomichev
Other Creators
Sound engineer N. Roginskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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