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The first part. The first plot. CHELYABINSK IS 250 YEARS OLD. Summer, Poland in the central part of Chelyabinsk. The building of the Drama Theater, old buildings, modern houses. Passers-by on the streets, the building of the State Public Library, passing cars, trolleybuses. Monument to those who died in the Great Patriotic War, flowers at the Eternal Flame, a monument to a tank, a monument to a tankman. Assembly shop of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, workers are assembling universal tractors. NDP in the shops of the Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant, the production of pipes with a wide diameter. Pioneers with drums walk along the main street. The pioneers lay flowers at the monument to the heroes-pioneers, in the background - the church. The townspeople lay flowers at the newly opened monument to the first builder. Monument to the fireman. Fountain in the city center. Opening of the monument to I.V. Kurchatov. Students are engaged in a computer class. The interiors of the S. Zwilling Academic Drama Theater, the foyer, the artists took to the stage to bow, the audience applauded. The facade of the theater, designed by Kasli masters. Cast iron products of Kasli craftsmen in the exhibition hall. The second plot. CITY IN THE FOREST, FOREST IN THE CITY The stork is flying over the ground. Autumn, Lithuania, Druskininkai city, park, sculpture in the meadow. Fog, mill. Bust of the artist M.K. Čiurlionis in the garden in front of the house where he lived. General view of the house of M.K. Churlionis, interiors, his paintings on the walls. Pictures of M.K. Churlionis. Forester Algerdas Valavicius is the keeper of the house. NDP on trees in a pine forest. The building of the Forest Echo Museum, created by A. Valavicius. Wooden sculptures among the pine trees on the territory of the museum, a hut on a chicken leg, in which the museum's exposition is located, a "birch room", "an oak room", stuffed birds. NDP at home at the edge of the forest. Streets of Druskininkai, passers-by. Modern buildings surrounded by forest. Forest, the city of Druskininkai among the pine trees (filmed from a helicopter). The second part. The third plot. HOW MUCH YEARS OF KHIVA. PNR on the ruins of the buildings of the ancient capital of Khorezm Toprak-Kola (filmed from a helicopter). The ruins of Jampyk, built in the Middle Ages, a panorama of the medieval buildings of Khiva, a view of the city through the carved lattice of the window. Shooting a feature film on the territory of the former Khan's palace. Flowers in the streets of Khiva, minarets, old buildings. Tourists on horseback ride a specially designed route in the old part of the city, tourists on a walking tour. Uzbek girls in national dresses on excursions. External and internal views of the Juma Mosque. Ichan-kola architectural reserve, where the richest townspeople lived in the Middle Ages. The building of the former khan's harem, tourist groups at the entrance. Walls decorated with stone carvings. Karakalpak archaeologists in the excavation site at the site of the ancient capital of Khorezm. View of Khiva from a helicopter. City at sunset. Fourth plot. PUSHKIN IN ODESSA. Summer, Odessa, the building of the Opera and Ballet Theater, its interiors. The auditorium, the NDP from the balconies to the stage. Ancient buildings on one of the streets. The house where he lived in 1823-1824. A.S. Pushkin. Study of the poet, pages of the first chapters of "Eugene Onegin" with drawings by the author. Pushkin Hall of the Literary Museum of Odessa, Poland on exhibits. The house in which in 1821. there was a Greek patriotic partnership "Heteria". Waves roll onto the shore, rocks. Boat at sea at sunset. Monument to Novorossiysk Governor-General Count M.S. Vorontsov. The former building of the Office of the Naval Department, in which A.S. Pushkin worked. Books, A.S. Pushkin's manuscript with a portrait of Countess Vorontsova. Monument to A.S. Pushkin on the street bearing his name.
A. Mironov, M. Tavrog
Film ID
, urban transport
, road transport
, metallurgy
, architecture
, exhibitions
, museums
, theatre
, tourism
, forestry
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, islam
, decorative and applied art
, tractor and agricultural machine building
, cities
, sculpture
, fiction
Number of Parts
M.Komolikov, K.Orozaliev
Other Creators
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