Almanac of Film Travel №223

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The first part. NDP "WEALTH OF KHIBIN" Polar region, Kola Peninsula, Khibiny mountains. NDP on the slopes of mountains covered with snow. House-Museum of Academician A.E. Fersman, who headed a geological expedition in the mountains in 1920-1940, who discovered a deposit of apatites. The house is covered with snow, the lights are on in the mountains. The interiors of the museum. Photo by A.E. Fersman. Pieces of apatite on the table. Explosions in the mountains. The excavator bucket scoops up the rock, loads it into the body of a dump truck. The excavator works at a quarry in the mountains. A truck carries the breed along the road. General view of the quarry in winter. The freight train travels along the railway track, in the background are snow-capped mountains. Center of the city of Apatity. Transport on the roads of the city. NDP at city houses. Slogans on the houses “COMMUNISTS AND KOMSOMOLTSY! LET'S REALIZE THE DECISIONS OF THE XXVII CONGRESS OF THE CPSU! " Passers-by on one of the streets of the city. The building of the Kola branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Cast iron bell on a pedestal. The base of the ski complex is in the mountains. Citizens on skis in line for the lift. Cars drive along the road to the city. NDP "ASTRAKHAN SKETCHES". Summer, Volga (filmed from a sailing ship). Astrakhan, ships at the pier. View of the Volga, the city on the coast (filmed from the top point). View of the Kremlin, buildings surrounding the Kremlin. City center (filmed from the top point). The walls of the Kremlin, churches on its territory, flowers in the flower beds. Car parking on the square in front of the Kremlin. Supermarket building. Passers-by on the streets. The barge floats on the river, multi-storey buildings on the shore. A painting depicting old Astrakhan. Wooden houses with carved platbands on one of the streets, geraniums in the windows. Old brick merchant houses. Picture gallery in the house where the artist B.M. Kustodiev lived. The bust of the artist in front of the house, a memorial plaque on the wall of the house. A panorama of paintings in the halls, among them - paintings by B.M. Kustodiev. A memorial plaque on the house where the poet Velimir Khlebnikov and his father, the founder of the Astrakhan State Reserve V.A. Khlebnikov, lived. shore. A flock of geese flies over the water. Fishermen are pulling a net out of the water, a sterlet in a net. Sunset on the banks of the Volga, in the background - cranes in the port. Astrakhan Kremlin at night. Birds fly at sunset. The second part. NDP "CLOCK AND TIME". Restorers are working in the forge, the fire is in the forge. NDP on old wrought iron products on the wall. G.Vladimir, "Golden Gate" in the scaffolding. Church of the Savior, Lunacharsky Drama Theater, passers-by on the streets, transport. Restorers are working on scaffolding, repairing the roof of the "Golden Gate". A girl restorer is working on the reconstruction of the bas-relief in the workshop. A panorama of the restoration workshop. Clock Museum in the building of the Archangel Michael Church. General view of the church. Clock on the outside wall of the church. The interiors of the museum, visitors examine the exhibits. The clock hangs on the walls, stands on the floor. The exposition of the museum dedicated to the residents of Vladimir. Clock from the estate of the Alyabyevs - relatives of A.S. Griboyedov. A watch that belonged to Krasnov, a sailor from the Aurora. The clock by which the announcer Y. Levitan checked the time during the Great Patriotic War. Chronometer, which Yu. Kubasov took with him on space flight. NDP in the center of Vladimir in early spring (filmed from the top point). NDP "Lausanne - OLYMPIC CITY." Summer, Switzerland, the shores of Lake Geneva, NDP in Lausanne (filmed from the top point). Transport goes over the city bridge, the NDP to the road under the bridge, to the Gothic cathedral. Cathedral. NDP on the bas-reliefs, high-reliefs on the outer walls of the cathedral. Festive Saturday bazaar in a square in the center of Lausanne. Shop signs on the walls of houses. Selling flowers on the street. Flags with Olympic symbols on houses. Autumn, yellow leaves on the ground, a man runs along the rue Pierre de Coubertin. The exterior of the Chateau de Vidu castle, where the founder of the Olympic movement Pierre de Coubertin lived (now the seat of the International Olympic Committee), his office, photographs on the walls. The modern building of the Olympic Committee, flower beds in front of the entrance, interiors, musicians perform in front of those gathered in the foyer. The tomb of Pierre de Coubertin in the garden, the NDP at the fountain. Bust of Pierre de Coubertin. Participants of the 91st session of the International Olympic Committee in front of the building. Buses in the parking lot. Meeting of participants, speaking at the podium, read out the names of the countries where the next Olympic Games will be held. Representatives of the delegations of France and Spain are jubilant in the hall. Celebrations associated with the proclamation of the cities that will host the Olympic Games on the streets of Lausanne. Children on a bicycle ride along the Pierre de Coubertin street, in the background - football players are playing on the field. General view of the Pierre de Coubertin stadium. Football players take to the field. Fragment of a football match. The sportswoman shoots a bow. Girl on roller skates. Yachts on the pier of Lake Geneva, in the background - houses on the shore. Seagulls are sitting on the pier. Athletes carry windsurfing to Lake Geneva. Surfers race across the lake. Rain, passers-by under umbrellas on the street in the city center, flags with Olympic symbols are stretched between houses.
D. Mamedov, N. Polonskaya, V. Toropov, G. Chernov, A. Klyuchnikov
Film ID
road transport
, architecture
, football
, akademiinauksssr
, vegetable world
, mining (extractive) industry
, painting
, private trade
, museums
, sport games
, animal world
, landscapes
, graphics
, railroad transport
, exhibitions
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, sailing
, shooting
, peoples life
, river and lake transport
, cities
, sculpture
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V. Narovlyansky, V. Motychenkov, Y. Sazonov, I. Sosenkov
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