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The first part. NDP “ON ARCTIC BY BICYCLE” Nenets shepherds drive a herd of reindeer across a snow-covered field. Three cyclists from Nakhodka, physical education teacher Pavel Konyukhov, electric welder Farid Abdullin, builder Sergei Velkov are resting on a snow-covered field, their bicycles are lying nearby. Cyclists ride along the Arctic coast along the Arkhangelsk-Chukotka route. - the face of Pavel Konyukhov in sunglasses. An old wooden cross on the grave of the pioneers of the Arctic. Cyclists walk past the crosses. Nenets camp: men, women in national dress, yurt, sledges. Cyclists approach the Nenets, greet, take signatures in defense of peace, in the background - a herd of deer. All-terrain vehicles ride on the snow-covered tundra. Craftsmen from Naryan-Mar who built all-terrain vehicles. G. Naryan-Mar, winter, cyclists ride along one of the streets. Girls in national costumes with tambourines greet athletes, in the background there is an inscription on the building "GLORY TO THE SOVIET PEOPLE - BUILDER OF COMMUNISM!", An administrative building. Endless tundra, the sun rises above the earth. NDP "LATVIA IN MINIATURE" Center of Riga (filmed from the top). Trams, cars, passers-by on the street are going. NDP at old houses. North-eastern outskirts of Riga, the shore of Lake Juglas. NDP for new multi-storey buildings. Ethnographic open-air museum. Wooden houses, windmill, pine forest. View of the territory of the museum from the top point. Interiors of wooden houses, outbuildings. Peasant house, house of a young master. Household items on the table, on the benches. General view of the Usman Church. Interior view - burning candles, carved vaults, wooden sculptures. Young men and women in national costumes from a folklore group dance in front of the audience in the glade of the ethnographic museum. - the faces of the spectators. Visitors walk across the field, in the foreground - poppies. Elderly women in national costumes stand at the well. A man works at a loom, another man weaves a basket, a girl on the porch watches. A woman works with a potter's wheel. Blacksmith at work. Wooden sculptures in a clearing, museum visitors examine them. Wooden crafts are laid out on the table. Clay products. General view of the forge, a fire burns in the forge. The second part. NDP "NAVOI - A CITY IN SANDS". Sun disc in the sky. Lizard in the sands. Camel idea on the sand of the Kyzyl Kum desert. Turtles crawling on the sand. The camel's thorn is turning green, the poppies are turning red. Desert view in spring. A flock of sheep in the desert near a dilapidated old building. Bactrian camels are resting on the ground. Men on donkeys drive past a building under construction. NDP on the buildings of a chemical plant built in the desert. Power lines, employees at the control panel. One of the districts of the city of Navoi. Sculpture by the fountain, in the background - multi-storey buildings. The central square of the city. The girls walk past the fountain. Children climb onto a stone dragon with water pouring out of its mouth. New houses in the style of old Uzbek buildings. A view of one of the streets (filmed from a passing car). The market, a woman examines the national dress. NDP on the goods laid out on the shelves (fabrics, clothes, utensils). Street cafe, the chef fries barbecue on the grill. The men behind the counter sell oriental flatbreads. Visitors at the tables of an ice cream parlor. Young people swim in the outdoor pool. General view of the pool. Schoolchildren are engaged in a computer class. Sailboats on the water, fishermen on the shore of the pond. Flowerbeds adorning the city square. NDP "PEARL IN THE OCEAN". Mauritius Island (State of Mauritius). Sailboat, a ship on the water, in the background - mountains, buildings on the shore. State Botanical Garden "Pampleus" - a river, a gazebo on the bank, bridges, trees, aquatic plants, tree branches hanging from the paths. The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis. The movement of vehicles on the street, motorcyclists ride among the cars. The policeman is in charge of the traffic. Pedestrians on the street, shop signs on the houses. High-rise administrative building. Women in saris walk down the street, exotic trees along the road. Mosque, in the foreground - cars are going by. Catholic cathedral on one of the streets. NDP from the flower bed to the building of the pagoda, figures of animals in front of the entrance. NDP on the marble figure of Queen Victoria of England. The bronze figure of the French Governor-General, surrounded by palm trees, stands in the center of the city. Signs of foreign firms on the streets of Port Louis, passers-by. The seller puts his goods at the vegetable market. The faces of the sellers. Jewelry shop, souvenirs. Monument to V.I. Lenin in the park. Schoolchildren on the street, children's faces. Embankment at sunset.
A. Klyuchnikov, V. Kryuchkin, E. Eratov, B. Goldenblank
Film ID
urban transport
, holidays
, road transport
, architecture
, livestock
, festivities
, vegetable world
, gardens and parks
, music
, private trade
, museums
, animal world
, islam
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, school education
, sea transport
, administrative buildings
, chemical
, petrochemical industry
, peoples life
, river and lake transport
, public catering
, cycling
, christianity
, cities
, sculpture
, buddhism
Number of Parts
V. Kryuchkin, S. Komarnitsky, A. Klimentiev, B. Moskalenko
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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