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Newsreel tells about the expeditions of the icebreaker "Siberia". The first part. The first plot. SPECIAL ISSUE. The "Siberia" rocket ship is sailing across the ice-covered sea. G. Murmansk, a stele with the name of the city in front of the entrance. A new microdistrict, in the background - snow-covered hills. NDP in the city center, in the square, passers-by on the streets. Monument to the defenders of the Arctic (Alyosha). View of Murmansk from the Kola Bay. Icebreaker "Siberia" during loading in the port. Cranes deliver cargo for the winterers on board. NDP on the faces of winterers going to the ice floe in the Laptev Sea, on seeing their wives off. The icebreaker sails from the pier. Ice floes float on the sea. Radio room, control panels on the nuclear-powered ship, sailors at the control panels. The seal lies in the snow on an ice floe. The seal is feeding the cub. Scientists are testing instruments on an ice floe. Surveyors take measurements, drill a hole in the ice. The second plot. MEETING IN THE OCEAN. The helicopter flies up to the icebreaker. NDP on the ice, the shadow of a helicopter in the snow. The faces of the pilots in the helicopter cockpit. View of the buildings of the winterers on an ice floe (filmed from a flying helicopter). The winterers with the dog approach the landing MI-8 helicopter, greet the pilots. The cook prepares lunch in the kitchen of the house. One of the winterers is making a map. Interiors of huts of winterers. Snow drifts. Polar explorers with collected things await the icebreaker on the ice floe. The radio operator in the radio room is sending signals. "Siberia" is approaching the polar explorers, a ladder is being lowered. The head of the expedition A.N. Chilingarov takes bread and salt from the polar explorers. Loading the things of the winterers on the icebreaker. General view of the temporary dwelling of polar explorers. Polar explorers lower the red flag from the flagpole on the ice floe. A woman cuts a birthday cake during a dinner on an icebreaker dedicated to polar explorers and the evacuation of SP-27. The third plot. TO THE TOP OF THE PLANET. Snow hummocks. Icebreaker "Siberia" goes on the ice of the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole. General view of the ship. Pilots in the helicopter cockpit during the flight. View of a river in ice, flowing along the meridian to the pole. Scientists in the helicopter cockpit make calculations. The icebreaker moves along the river in ice. A.N. Chilingarov at the photograph of the Papanin men on the wall in the ship's cabin. Underwater explosions in search of mineral deposits. Polar explorers work on board the icebreaker. On May 25, 1987, polar explorers are hoisting a red flag at the North Pole, a sign with the words "ALL ROADS TO THE SOUTH FROM HERE!" Photojournalists, cameramen are filming. General portrait of the expedition members at the North Pole. View of the icebreaker, polar explorers (filmed from the top point). Polar explorers run around the world on an ice floe. Glaciologists conduct their research on an ice floe. Polar explorers play football at the North Pole, among them A.N. Chilingarov. One of the polar explorers puts postmarks on the envelopes of the nuclear-powered icebreaker Siberia and distributes them to the expedition members. The fourth plot. SP-27. BEGINNING. Icebreaker "Siberia", radio room, location device, laboratories. The helicopter takes off from the deck of the icebreaker. View of the ice floe selected for the SP-27 base. A tractor with a trailer is carrying the things of the winterers across the ice. Polar explorers collect wooden houses on an ice floe. Volunteer polar explorers, remaining on the ice, raise a red flag on a flagpole. NDP on the faces of polar explorers. The icebreaker goes, cutting ice floes. Seagulls are flying over the ice floes. The icebreaker enters the ice-free water.
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sea transport
, animal world
, landscapes
, air transport
, geography
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Consultant A. N. Chilingarov
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