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The first part. A film sketch "GATES OPEN TO THE WORLD" Summer, surf, clouds over the sea. Lithuania, Klaipeda, City military cemetery, the military lay a wreath at the Eternal Flame, girls in national costumes lay flowers. Sailors carry wreaths to the Eternal Flame. Sailors lower wreaths from a military boat into the water. Ships in the port, in the foreground - sailing ships at sea. The cranes are working in the port. View of the embankment. Klaipeda fish cannery. Conveyor in one of the shops. NDP on cans made at the plant. City streets, passers-by. Shop window. Flowerbeds, lawns in the city center. Medieval street. NDP on the roofs of houses. Traffic on the streets. An ancient fortress. The Marine Museum-Aquarium, opened within the walls of the former fort. Trainer with fur seals. Penguins. Seals in the pool. Visitors look at the animals. White peonies in the flowerbed, rain, townspeople with umbrellas on the square on the Day of the Sea (a holiday of all Lithuania). Sale of national souvenirs on the square. Artists put their paintings up for sale on the lawn. Carnival procession along the city street. Artists of the folklore ensemble dance with the participants of the festival on the square. Newsreel "STORMNAYA RIVER ANADYAKAN" Passengers get out of the helicopter "MI-8", the pilots are in the cockpit, the helicopter flies away. Moscow tourists in rubber boats sail along the Anadyakan River. View of the river, rapids, forests along the banks from the top point. Butterfly on a flower. Flowers in the meadow. July, tourists descend to the river along the snowy slope. A man photographs mammoth bones found on the banks of the river. Mountains overgrown with forest, the river flows between the mountains. Seagulls over the river. Geese swim in the water. Easter cake in the thickets of grass near the river. The man is filming the chicks. Tourists catch fish in the river, examine the caught taimen, release it back into the river. Boat on the bank of the river. Tourists set up a tent for a bath, soar on the rocks, dive into the icy water. Tourists eat from bowls with homemade spoons. Anadyakan at sunset. The second part. The film essay "HEAR, HORSES RACE ..." Riders on Russian riding horses (Orlov) race across the snow-covered field. Ryazan Region, the village of Starozhilovo, a stud farm, Oryol trotters and Oryol horsemen in paddocks. Foal with its mother in the aviary. Trotters run out of the enclosures into the corral. The girl goes round the Oryol horse. Horses in training. A horse is carrying a cart with hay along a village street, an excavator is passing by. The horse is carrying the Zhiguli on the cable along the road. A man is shoeing a horse's hooves. Another man prepares a harness for a horse, a girl and a boy help him. The girl is combing the pony's fur, the boy is decorating the mane. Seeing off the Russian winter. A straw effigy is burned. Women in national Russian costumes bake pancakes on the street. A young man climbs a wooden post. Costumed. Children ride ponies. The young men ride the Oryol trotters. Three horses rush along the snowy road, followed by the guys on ponies, riders. Horse riders race at sunset. Newsreel "GREEN GARDENS OF SINGAPORE" City of Singapore, NDP from the sea bay to high-rise buildings in the center, to moving vehicles. A panorama of skyscrapers, flowers in the foreground. A bridge across the river, a panorama of a Japanese park on the other side of the river. Artificial reservoirs, bridges, gazebos in the park. Shrubs trimmed in different shapes. A river flowing among stones brought from Japan. The bride and groom, their guests are walking along the bridge over the pond. Reflection of trees in the water. Entrance to the Chinese park. Gazebos. Fancy plants. Visitors walk along the paths. Painted figures, sculptural genre and everyday scenes of the past. Parrots sit on tree branches in the park. A group of children goes to the zoo. Aviaries with animals. Tourists from different countries listen to the zoo employee, watch a number with a boa constrictor. NDP on the territory of the zoo.
V. Man, E. Eratov, V. Lobachev, Y. Galperin, B. Goldenblank
Film ID
, road transport
, architecture
, livestock
, vegetable world
, painting
, music
, private trade
, museums
, villages
, tourism
, animal world
, landscapes
, graphics
, zoology
, gardensparksculture
, sea transport
, peoples life
, food industry
, air transport
, river and lake transport
, fish farming and fishing
, entertainment
, cities
, sculpture
Number of Parts
G.Kreps, A.Klimentiev, S.Rakhomyagi
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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