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1 part. 1st plot. Voice of the Ocean. The radio operator of the research vessel "Vityaz" in the radio room. General view of a ship in the Indian Ocean. The underwater world of the ocean in the area of the Moscow Underwater Ridge in the western part of the Indian Ocean. The staff of the research vessel at the acoustic instruments. Dolphins in the ocean. Oceanologists at work. A ship in the ocean during a 10-point storm. Opening of the international conference of oceanographers on the island of Nusibe (north-west of Madagascar). Participants of the conference on the ship "Vityaz" get acquainted with the work of Soviet oceanologists, exchange experience. 2 nd plot. Legends of Kuril Lake. Landscapes of Kamchatka: mountains, lake in the crater of a volcano, swamps, Kuril lake, flora. Panorama over the Kuril Lake. A Kamchadal man is sailing on a boat on the lake. Kamchatka women dance on the shore of the lake in national costumes. View of rocks on the shores of the lake, hot springs. General view of the geothermal station. Scientists-ichthyologists pull nets with fish from the lake. Ichthyologists measure fish in length, put it in a row on the shore. 2 part 3-rd plot. The road to the Anakopia fortress. Black Sea coast. Trees in the snow on Iverskaya Mountain. Types of dilapidated Anakopia fortress, Anakopia cave. Sculptor Givi Smyr at work in his workshop. Type of finished works of the sculptor. Potter Ruslan Pandaria at work in his workshop. R. Pandaria paints a jug. View of the finished products of the master. G. Smyr walks through the ruins of the Anakopia fortress, makes sketches from the images preserved on the ancient walls of the fortress. The folk choir of the Abkhaz sings (sinhr.). Local residents cleaning the area adjacent to the Anakopia fortress. The people are returning from the Saturday cleanup. View of one of the monasteries in Abkhazia (New Athos?), The Black Sea coast. 4th plot. The secret of the sea coconut .. An interior view of the hall in one of the museums with exhibits of the underwater world, including sea coconuts. Panorama along the coast of Mahe Island - the main of the 85 islands of the Seychelles archipelago. Streets of the city of Victoria, traffic, people on the streets. General view of the bust of the former governor of the island - Pierre / Pyuve /. View of the city bazaar: trade in the bazaar, people walk through the bazaar. Fauna and flora of the island: turtles, parrots, orchids. A sailing schooner sails on the ocean off the coast of the island. View of the shores of the island covered with vegetation. View of the relict grove on the island. Tourists pass through the grove, take pictures. Double coconuts on palms in a grove. General view of the Independence Monument on the island with the image of a double coconut. Kind of handicrafts and souvenirs from coconuts.
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automobile transport
, museum
, population
, vegetable world
, artistic activities
, trade
, geography
, music
, energy
, fishing
, republic of the seychelles
, tourism
, animal world
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, fish farming
, international scientific relations
, sea transport
, everyday life
, ethnography
, monuments of history and architecture
, christianity
, volcanology
, cities
, sculpture
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