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1 part 1-st plot. Meshchera reserved. Landscape Meshchera - Oksky Biosphere Reserve: (filmed): rivers, forests. A man is sailing on a motor boat on the river. Ferns in the forest, raspberries, birds in the nest. Crane chicks on a forest path. Cranes in the open-air cages of the reserve's biological station, gray herons. Biological scientists go on an expedition to the reserve. Ringing of birds in the reserve. View of bird nests in the trees. Fox in the thickets. The fox is playing on the track. The girl is holding a fox in her arms. Children sit by the fire in the evening. Horses graze in the meadow. 2nd plot. Irkutsk ... remembering the Decembrists ... View of wooden houses on one of the streets of Irkutsk. The driver rides in a sleigh along the street. Types of city streets with old mansions. Types of churches, wooden houses with carved platbands and other carved decorations. View of the grave of the Decembrist N.A. Panov. View of the house-museum of the Decembrists, created in the house of the Decembrist S.P. Trubetskoy. Interiors of rooms in the house-museum. General view of the house-museum of the Decembrist S. Volkonsky. People go to the house-museum in the evening for a musical evening. Interiors of rooms in the house-museum. Musicians are playing (sync.). Part 2, Plot 3. Flowers in the snow. The plot of the magazine tells about the folk artist from the village of Chopsara in the Vologda region - E.V. Panova, who weaves rugs with different themes on a loom. General view of the village. The movement of vehicles on the highway. Street view in the village where E.V. Panova lives. General view of the house of E.V. Panova. E.V. Panova works on a loom, sings (sync. And off-frame.), Talks about her life, about her hobby (sync. And off-frame.), Type of finished products E.V. Panova. E.V. Panova is sitting with her guests at the table in the room, drinking tea, talking. 4th plot. Shibam is an oasis in the desert. A road in the Arabian desert. The charioteers are riding in carts. General view of one of the settlements in the Yemen People's Democratic Republic.
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