Almanac of Film Travel № 233

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Part 1 Plot 1 "Around the stormy Amata" Latvian SSR, the city of Riga. City views. Automobile bridge. One of the Christian Lutheran temples. A lot of people at a sports event. Competitions of motorcycle racers and water sportsmen. Athlete luge on the track. Plot 2 "In the days of doubt ..." Oryol region, Mtsensk district, the village of Spasskoye-Lutovinovo. Park alleys. View of a blooming willow. Ducks swim in a pond. House-museum of the writer Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev. Portraits of I.S. Turgenev at different periods of his life. The interior of the rooms in the house. A grand piano with notes, pictures, a chess table. I.S. Turgenev: a desk, an armchair, a sofa, portraits, an Orthodox icon. Rural landscapes. A harnessed horse is walking along the road. Photographic photograph of 1856 depicting writers: Ivan Andreevich Goncharov, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev, Alexander Vasilyevich Druzhinin, Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky, Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, Dmitry Vasilyevich Grigorovich. Part 2 Plot 3 "Where do gazelles go?" Uzbek SSR, city of Bukhara. Types of the ancient fortress Ark - an archeological monument of the 1st-6th centuries. City fair. A man plays a national instrument. Men in a street cafe. The master makes decorative plates. Otara of sheep in the Kyzyl Kum desert. View of the Central Asian gray monitor lizard. Employees of the Institute of Geography of the USSR Academy of Sciences in the desert. Bukhara gazelle nursery. The nursery staff feed and weigh the gazelle cub. Jeyrans on the territory of the nursery. Cheetah, saiga, hedgehog, turukhtan birds and hoopoe in the nursery. Plot 4 "Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, year 1988 ..." Ukrainian SSR, the city of Kiev. View of a sailing passenger ship on the Dnieper River. Types of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Restoration and restoration work in the Assumption Cathedral - the main cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Types of temple painting. Experts are studying archaeological finds found on the territory of the Lavra. A group of sightseers on the territory of the Lavra. Tomb of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky in the Church of the Savior on Berestovo. Sightseeing bus with NDP: "Intourist" on the street of the city. Cars in the parking lot. View of a passing truck with a group of young people in the back.
B. Slomyansky, A. Klyuchnikov, B. Golden Blanc
Film ID
monuments of archeology
, orthodox churches
, rural settlements
, automobile transport
, bridges
, river transport
, christianity
, mass sports events
, water sports
, landscapes
, sheep breeding
, cities
, memorial museums
, trade
, motorcycle sports
, zoology
, restoration of temples
Number of Parts
S. Komarnitsky, Y. Shchuplyakov
Other Creators
scriptwriters A. Klyuchnikov, B. Goldenblank, V. Lobachev, V. Kalashnikov, text writer A. Anichkin, sound engineer N. Roginskaya, editor Y. Kalinichev, director Y. Rozhkovskaya, musical arrangement S. Vasilenko
Release Date
Has Sound

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