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1 part. 1st plot - Openwork casting grad. Landscapes of the Oka River. A field with sunflowers. Boys on the banks of the river are fishing. A man is sailing down the river in a motor boat. The boat is sailing along the river. View of the pier on the Oka River in Aleksin. View of the city of Aleksina from the river. Wooden figures of ancient Russian soldiers in the city park. Old pre-revolutionary photographs of the city of Aleksin. View of a staircase decorated with openwork casting in one of the city buildings. View of the exposition in the museum of casting. General view of the fence in the Alexander Garden in Moscow, decorated with openwork casting. View of Kutuzovsky Prospect, the Triumphal Arch, decorated with openwork casting. 2-plot - In the spurs of the Tien Shan. Landscapes of the Chatkal ridge, Lake Sarychelek in Kyrgyzstan. Panorama along the shores of the lake: rocky, overgrown forest. General view of the biosphere reserve in the spurs of the Chatkal ridge. The workers of the reserve on horseback cross a mountain stream, climb the mountains. View of the animal world in the reserve: an owl on a tree branch, bears, deer, a wolf in the forest. 2 part. 3rd plot. In the lower reaches of the Amur. Views of the Amur River. Boats sail along the river. Panorama along the banks of the river. Street wedding. Girls in national clothes are laying the table. Panorama of the festive food on the table. Newlyweds and guests in national clothes are sitting at the table. Young girls and boys perform folk dance, sing (sinhr.). Seeing off the newlyweds: the newlyweds and guests go to the river, where there is a decorated boat near the shore. The newlyweds sit in the boat, accept gifts, the boat floats on the river. A resident of the village where the uliches live is carrying a cart with pumpkins. Type of red fish, hung out for drying. 4th plot. Rila Monastery. Interior decoration in one of the temples of the monastery. Monks and visitors to the monastery on the territory of the monastery, in one of the temples. Panorama of the Rila Monastery in the mountains of Bulgaria. The interior of one of the monastic cells. View of old books kept in the monastery. Icon depicting the founder of the monastery - Ivan Rilski. View of the murals on the walls of the monastery buildings. Panorama of the pictures of the Last Judgment in the monastery church.
G. Ivanova, N. Solovtsov, A. Klyuchnikov, A. Mironov
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S. Komarnitsky, A. Gorchukov, Yu. Sazonov, M. Komolikov
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