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1 part. 1st plot. Return of Dresden. View of picturesque paintings depicting the city of Dresden. Panorama of the city (filmed from the top point). General view of one of the palaces, square, monument. General view of the Zwinger palace ensemble (1711-1722, architect M. Pöppelmann) - a masterpiece of the Dresden Baroque. View of fountains, flower beds on the territory of the palace. General view of the monument "Golden Horseman" and ancient city buildings. View of blooming apple trees. The audience at the tables of the street cafe. Residents of the city in the streets, squares. The artist paints a portrait of a young girl on the street. View of one of the new districts of Dresden: buildings of modern architecture, fountains. View of the ruins of the Church of Our Lady, destroyed as a result of the bombing by Allied aircraft during World War II. 2-nd plot. Passion for Kara-Bogaz. General view of the sand spit separating the Kara-Bogaz bay from the Caspian Sea. General view of the Production Association "Karabogazsulfat" in Turkmenistan. View of salts on the surface of the water in the bay. Bulldozers rake sodium sulfate. The railway train transports sodium sulfate in containers on platforms. View of the bay from a helicopter. View of an abandoned ship in a dry bay. View of abandoned pipes on the shore of a dry bay. Salt storm in salt marshes. Donkeys in salt marshes. Women, wrapped in handkerchiefs, load sodium sulfate with shovels into bags. 2 part. 3rd plot. Andreevsky descent. View of the monument on the grave of A.I. Bulgakov and V.M. Voskresenskaya-Bulgakova at the cemetery in Kiev. View of the Vladimirskaya Gorka and the monument to St. Prince Vladimir. General view of the Kiev-Podolsk Holy Cross Church, in which M. Bulgakov was baptized. View of the house where Mikhail Bulgakov was born General view of photographs from the Bulgakov family archive. General view of Andreevsky descent and house No. 13, where M. Bulgakov lived. View of a memorial plaque on the house. Interior view of the rooms, in the Museum of M. Bulgakov, exhibits. 4th plot. Australia: 200 years later, Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the founding of the first English settlement in Side, as a holiday escort drives through the city's main street. Views of Sydney, the bay. Theatrical performances dedicated to the arrival of the first English settlers on the coast of Australia. View of the Australian coast. A group of people by the ocean. General view of the building of the Sydney Opera House. Sailboat, yachts in Sydney Harbor. Australians on the streets of the city. View of the monument to Captain Cook.
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, everyday life
, christianity
, museums
, animal world
, landscapes
, ecological disasters
, monuments of architecture
, cities
, gdr
, 2nd world war
, painting
, australia
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