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1 part. 1st plot. The city of Onega is glorious. General view of the city of Kargopol, of Orthodox churches from the side of Lake Onega. Women rinse their clothes on the shore. View of city streets. People on the streets. The sleigh is passing along one of the streets. Winter highway view. General view of the main city cathedral - Kresto-Rozhdestvensky. Panorama of the city (filmed from the top point). Carpenters on the construction of a wooden house in the city. View of wooden temples. General view of Kargopol clay toys. Workers of the workshop for the manufacture of Kargopol toys: they mold toys from clay, paint, the type of finished products. Students of the Kargopol School of Arts make clay toys under the guidance of the artist V.D. Shevelev. Local artists sketching in one of the districts of the city: making sketches from nature. 2nd plot. Surkharban. Views of Lake Baikal. View of rocky shores, islands. Celebration of the Buryat folk holiday of Surbarkhan in one of the Buryat villages: the participants of the holiday at the local hippodrome shoot a bow, participate in the national struggle. The winner with the prize is a ram. Festive horse races: horseback riding, in carriages, on Russian troika. Performance by a folklore ensemble. Festive national treat. 2 part 3-rd plot. As we have across the Moscow River ... Zamoskvorechye streets, churches. Believers at the Joy of All Who Sorrow on the eve of Easter. The priest blesses Easter cakes and eggs. General view of the house-museum of the playwright A.N. Ostrovsky. A. Ostrovsky's descendants, admirers and artists of the Maly Theater at the table, drinking tea. Among the artists - E.A. Bystritskaya and others. Theater artists show a fragment from the performance based on one of the plays by A.N. Ostrovsky. View of the house number 8 on Shchetininsky lane. General view of the Obvodny Canal, bridges across the canal. Young people in urban clothes of the 19th century represent the heroes of Osrovsky's plays on the streets of Zamoskvorechye. General view of old mansions on the streets of Zamoskvorechye. View of the building of the Ushinsky library. 4th plot. A panorama of the city of Gabrovo in Bulgaria, where there is an open-air museum of handicrafts. Residents of the city and at the same time the workers of the museum demonstrate various handicrafts: an old water mill works, a mill wheel grinds grain, residents of the city - carpenters carry a cart with logs, a girl in the courtyard of a house chops wood, a joiner works on a lathe in a workshop, a woman in a courtyard of a house washes dishes, interior view of a workshop for the manufacture of household items from metal: one of the craftsmen inflates the bellows, another craftsman making a metal jug; general view of finished metal products - Turks, vessels and other utensils. General view of jewelry made by Gabrovo craftsmen: earrings, pendants, necklaces and other items; view of the pottery workshop: a girl works on a potter's wheel; view of finished pottery, workshop interior. Tourists pass through the streets of the city.
V. Motychenkov, L. Kupershmidt, V. Kipin, K. Dilanyan, L. Boldyreva
Film ID
, handicraft production
, bulgaria
, everyday life
, christianity
, horseback riding
, museums
, theatre
, national holidays
, decorative and applied art
, libraries
, cities
, national sports
Number of Parts
V. Motychenkov, I. Mordyukov, V. Kipin
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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