Almanac of Film Travel № 255

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First part. 1st plot. IN THE GLORIOUS MOUTH. Vladimir region., Murom. General view of the city. Monument to the hero Ilya Muromets. Churches, monastery wall, cathedral on the territory of the monastery. The movement of road transport on the bridge. Wooden houses decorated with carvings. A woman pours water into a bucket from a column. Elderly women sit on a bench near the monastery wall. Young people are talking on the street. The girl is carrying the child in a stroller. Parents with children for a walk. A group of excursionists near the monastery. Breeding the bridge over the Oka river. 2nd plot. MASTER'S HOUSE. Places of action of the novel by MABulgakov "The Master and Margarita" in Moscow: Patriarch's Ponds; building and staircase at the entrance of house No. 10 on B. Sadovaya street; the building of the Literary Institute; Dramlit's house in Larushensky lane; House of the Master in Mansurovsky lane; B. Gnezdnikovsky lane, where the Master met Margarita; the streets of the town. The grave of M.A. and E.S. Bulgakovs at the Novodevichy cemetery. Drawings by the young artist N. Rusheva, which depict the heroes of the novel "The Master and Margarita". Second part. 3rd plot. FOR THE TIMENEM Krasnoyarsk Territory, Taimyr National district. Types of the Dzhogdzho River - a tributary of the Kotuikan (aerial photography). Rocky shores. River rapids. Sunset over the river. Tourists in kayaks sail along the river. Tourists go fishing, pick mushrooms. The fisherman weighs the caught fish. Baking tray with mushrooms and fish on the fire. 4th plot. FOUNTAINS OF BAKHCHISARAY. Ukraine, Crimea, Bakhchisarai. General view of the city. The ensemble of the former Khan's palace (16-18 centuries). Palace building. The interiors of the palace. Harem building. Fountains. "Fountain of Tears". Minaret. Muezzin on the minaret. Swallows in the nest.
A. Klyuchnikov, D. Rodichev, D. Zubarev, K. Dilanyan, V. Golovnya (stage director)
Film ID
automobile transport
, architecture
, higher education
, vegetable world
, fiction
, painting
, villages
, tourism
, animal world
, hobbies
, islam (islam)
, hobby
, graphics
, rural settlements
, everyday life
, river and lake transport
, christianity
, peizages
, cities
Number of Parts
V. Ropeiko, N. Lomakin, K. Fedorovich, V. Kipin
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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