Almanac of Film Travel № 260

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There are four plots in the film almanac: the first part, the first plot. SOURCE OF INSPIRATION. Moscow region, Zvenigorod and its environs. Forest, meadow. A young man walks down the slope. People ride boats on the lake. A road sign showing the coat of arms of the city of Zvenigorod. Ancient estates, a park in the vicinity of the city. Rural houses on the banks of the river. Bridge over river. House-Museum of S.N. Taneev in the village of Dyudkovo. Monument to composer S.N. Taneev in the courtyard of the house; schoolchildren put flowers at the monument. The architectural ensemble of the Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery. Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Trinity Gate Church, Refectory Chamber, Tsaritsin's Chambers, other buildings on the territory of the monastery. People go to the gates of the monastery. Exhibition of paintings by the artist and illustrator from Switzerland Valeria Dauvalder in the halls of the Zvenigorod Historical and Architectural Art Museum, located in the Tsaritsa Chambers on the territory of the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery. V. Dauwalder with visitors in the exhibition hall. Paintings by W. Dauwalder, created from precious stones. 2nd plot. SAGA ABOUT STONE, Leningrad region, Vyborg. Vyborg Bay. General view of the city. Vyborg Castle and St. Olaf Tower. Fortress walls and tower. Round Tower on the Market Square. Anninskie defensive fortifications. Monuments to Peter I. Streets of the old city. Town Hall Tower. State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve "Park Ponrepo": views of the rocky coast of the Vyborg Bay; park gates; "Dead island"; tomb. Second part. 3rd plot. INHERITANCE OF GRANDFATHER FILIMON. Tula region, Odoevsky district, village Filimonovo. Village street view. Firewood heaped near the house. Haystacks in the meadow. Cobweb on a branch. Craftswomen sculpt toys out of local blue clay in the courtyard of the house. Ready-made unpainted toys. The craftswoman makes a whistle. Artists paint toys and whistles. Filimonov toys and whistles on the grass. 4th plot. ON THE FAREST ISLANDS. Kurile Islands. Rocky coast. Forest on the slope of the mountain. Hills, fumaroles. Hot mineral springs. The mountains. Mountain river. Dried larch trees on the shore. Sea lions in the sea. Colony of seagulls on the coast. The seagull feeds the chicks. Sailing ships at sea. The boat sails near the coast. Ships at the pier. Graphic portraits of the indigenous inhabitants of the Kuril Islands - the Ainu.
Film ID
rural settlements
, cultural connections
, bytsel population
, architecture
, exhibitions
, christianity
, sea transport
, museums
, villages
, animal world
, population
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, cities
, painting
Number of Parts
O. Fedorov, O. Chupin, Yu. Shkundov, Yu. Klishev
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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