Aluminum Echo

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A film about environmental problems associated with the activities of the Tajik aluminum plant. 1 part. Tajik SSR, the city of Tursunzade, 1989. General view of the Tajik aluminum plant. Director Mikhail Fedorovich Sinani in the shop says that the plant does not violate the maximum permissible emissions of harmful substances (sync., Behind the scenes). A local woman points to a dry pomegranate tree. Type of a passing car with NDP: "CLEANLINESS CONTROL". Uzbek SSR, Sariasi region, 1989. Local residents talk about the problems associated with the activities of the Tajik aluminum plant: about diseases of people, domestic animals, about dying orchards. A large Uzbek family leaves the house. The first secretary of the Sariasi district committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan V. Khomyak says that the construction of an aluminum plant in these places is a crime (sinhr.). Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Uzbek SSR, Vladimir Grigorievich Konyukhov, speaks of the need to take appropriate measures (sync., Behind the scenes) (pos. 255 m). Part 2. Uzbek SSR, 1989. G. Khadzhibaeva, head of the laboratory of the Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Ministry of Health of the Uzbek SSR, says that research on the impact of emissions from the Tajik aluminum plant on human health has not been carried out (sinhr., Behind the scenes). Doctors examine children. Children in hospital beds. Tajik SSR, the city of Tursunzade. Director of the aluminum plant M.F. Sinani says that people's dissatisfaction is caused by unresolved social problems (sync., Behind the scenes) (pos. 208.6 m)
K. Khasanov
Film ID
, ecological disasters
, bypopulation
Number of Parts
K. Khasanov
Other Creators
sound engineer B. Gafurov, editor G. Samartseva, director S. Sedukhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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