Always with the Party

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Komsomol members on the fronts of the Civil War in Russia. The dispatch of the Red Army to defend the city of Petrograd, the Urals, to the Polish front. Delegates to the X Congress of the RCP (b), among whom were members of the Komsomol, flee across the ice of the Gulf of Finland to suppress the Kronstadt uprising. Says (synchronously) a participant in the Civil War NA Sokolov-Sokolyonok. Delegate of the III Congress of the Russian Communist Youth Union, poet A. Zharov, talks (synchronously) about the work of the congress. Meeting room of the XIII Congress of the Komsomol. Delegates of the XIII Congress of the Komsomol A. Zelenin, G. Cherkasova, M. Pulatova and others talk (synchronously) about the institutions in which they work. The building of the Moscow State University; in classrooms, laboratories, students are engaged. Building of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Moscow Region. The city of Leningrad. Young workers work in the shop of the Red Triangle plant. Delegates to the XIV Congress of the RCP (b) vote in the meeting hall (1925). Young people receive vouchers and referrals to the construction of industrial facilities. Young people work on the construction of the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Kuznetsk, Magnitogorsk metallurgical plants, Kuibyshev hydroelectric power station, in the mines of Donbass. Komsomol members - heroes of the Great Patriotic War: A. Chekalin, O. Koshevoy, A. Matrosov, A. Pokryshkin, T. Frunze, Z. Kosmodemyanskaya. Newsreel. Fighting of infantry, artillery, aviation, tank units, partisans during the war. Young people are working on the development of virgin lands in Kazakhstan and the Altai Territory. Agricultural work on virgin lands; plowing fields, harvesting. Stills from the feature films "The Gadfly", "How the Steel Was Tempered". Construction of the Bratsk hydroelectric power station. Oil refinery, offshore oil fields. Young workers of the Likhachev automobile plant speak about their choice of profession (synchronously). V. Korolev and A. Alekseev. Admission of V. Korolyov to the CPSU.
L. Derbysheva
Film ID
, science
, communist parties
, industry
, energy
, wars of the 1st half of the 20th century
, higher education
, youth organizations
, agriculture
, nuclear physics
Number of Parts
O. Artseulov, Yu. Borodyaev, N. Generalov, Yu. Egorov, O. Lebedev, V. Troshkin
Other Creators
Sound V. Nesterov. Music by R. Bunin.
Release Date
Has Sound

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