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The film tells about the cooperation of the USSR, USA, Great Britain during the Second World War. The film includes the following filming: the meeting of F. Roosevelt and I. V. Stalin in Tehran (1943), W. Churchill, F. Roosevelt, I. Stalin in Yalta, A. Hitler in the church. Stay of British Prime Minister Chamberlain in Germany. Footage of the Second World War: military operations in Poland. Meeting of I. Stalin and W. Churchill in the Kremlin. Defense of London from an air attack by the Nazis during the war. The bombing of London. Operations in the air of the aviation of Great Britain. Combat actions of Nazi troops on the territory of the USSR in the first months of the war. Columns of Soviet prisoners of war. Occupation of Ukraine. Combat operations of the Soviet troops. Defense of Moscow. Stay British Foreign Minister A. Eden in Moscow. Fighting British troops in North Africa. Participation in the Second World War of Japan (bombing of Pearl Habor). Stay V. Molotov in London, Washington. Construction of military aircraft in the United States. Economic assistance to the allies, the USA and Great Britain, the USSR: delivery of goods by transport ships to the port of Murmansk, the landing of allied troops in Normandy. Battle of Stalingrad. Performance by the Red Army Song and Dance Ensemble. The fighting of the Soviet partisans. Funeral of Roosevelt. Liberation of Paris. Signing of the UN Charter. Battle of Berlin. Keitel signed the capitulation. Potsdam conference. I. Stalin and G. Truman.
A. Sokurov
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, france
, great britain
, poland
, economic communication
, political connections
, usa
, cities
, germany
Number of Parts
A. Burov, L. Rozhin, A. Grachev, L. Krasnova
Other Creators
There is no data
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