And Sons Grew Up

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A film about the soldiers of the fraternal armies of the states - participants of the Warsaw Pact. Completion of military exercises of the seven armies "Brotherhood in Arms", conducted on the territory of the GDR. The inhabitants of the German town welcomed the troops. Soviet tanks are going by along the city street. Travel of the Polish troops. NATO emblem and base. Map of the location of NATO bases in Europe. Bundeswehr leaders: Heusinger, Speidel. NATO troops parade. The Pentagon building. Pages of the Warsaw Pact. Articles No. 5 and No. 6. Signatures and seals under the Agreement. Flags of the states - countries of the Warsaw Pact. The military leaders who lead the armies of the Warsaw Pact countries: D. Dzhurov (Bulgaria), L. Tsinege (Hungary), G. Hoffman (GDR), B. V. Jaruzelsky (Poland), I. Ionita (Romania), A. A Grechko (USSR), M. Dzur (Czechoslovakia). Meeting of the Committee of Defense Ministers of the Warsaw Pact member states. Meeting with Chief of Staff, Army General Petelin. Seeing off to the army in the People's Republic of Bulgaria. Soldiers in drill training, overcome the assault strip. Taking the oath in the Bulgarian army. Joint exercises of the participating countries on the territory of Bulgaria: landing, jet aircraft in the air. The ships are firing. Chronicle: soldiers of international battalions are walking; 1919 Proclamation of the Republic in Hungary. Sons I. Messerem - Gyula and Janos - officers of the Air Force, are flying. Coat of arms of the GDR. Warships at sea. German sailors on duty. Border zone in Berlin. Photos of A. Kenen, who fought on the side of the USSR. Monument to a soldier in Treptower Park. House-Museum of Lenin in Poronino. The oath of a soldier of the Polish Army. Division named after T. Kosciuszko. Children in a Polish school. Training of Polish paratroopers. Flooding in Romania. The soldiers are helping the victims. Coat of arms of Romania. Mountain shooters training. Chronicle: oil production in royal Romania. New oil plant. Czechoslovakia. Everyday life in one of the tank units. General L. Svoboda. Residence of the President. Designations of American military bases in West Germany. Asia map. NATO and SEATO military bases. Events in Vietnam. U.S. Department of the Armed Forces. THE USSR. Computing center. Radar. Rockets, rocket launchers. The fate of Colonel A. Nosov, who died in the line of duty; his children are missile officers Vitaly and Yuri. Joint exercises of the countries participating in the Warsaw Pact.
E. Vermisheva
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military communications
, conflicts
, wars
, natural disasters
, international organizations
, higher state bodies
, armed forces
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A. Babadzhan, I. Bgantsev, K. Glozhek, A. Istomin, L. Mikhailov, G. Serov, D. Sechelyanu, Y. Todorov
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