And yet I Believe

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Photo portrait of M. Romm. M. Romm with employees in the editing room (photo). People on the streets of a modern city, on the streets of Paris in the 1920s. Equestrian carriage. Stagecoach. Crowds of people on the streets of London. Pageant. Solemn departure of the imperial persons. Variety orchestra. Mass arrival of women on bicycles. Procession of elephants in the street. A car from the beginning of the century. Airplane with flapping wings. Helicopter of the beginning of the century. Fortune-teller guesses on cards. The plane flies under the Arc de Triomphe. Telephone. Helicopter with a steam engine. Amphibious vehicle. Walking car. Test of the Maxim machine gun. Atelier of women's clothing. Demonstration of clothing models. Einstein. A restaurant. Bourgeois at a table with a lady. Dance number. Stills from silent films with Mark Linder. The orchestra accompanies the screen. Procession of the court of Nicholas II. Leo Tolstoy's meeting. Spaceship construction. Construction of a tunnel under the English Channel. Eiffel Tower in Paris. World War I. Fighting, gas attack. Revolution in Russia. The conclusion of the Versailles Peace. Musicians on the wings of a flying plane. Louis Amstrong. Illuminated advertising. Variety show performance. Dancing foxtrot. Charleston competition. Filming of sound films. Car racing. Cars are beating. Dance marathon. Quartet of tap dancers. Germany in the 30s. Hitler's rise to power. Spain. Franco. Mussolini. 2nd world war. Combat action. Victims. Destruction. The end of the war. Returning from the front. Jubilant people. Nuclear explosion. The ruined city of Hiroshima. Monorail train. Pornographic postcards. Snow avalanche. Marine typhoon. Comet. Vietnam War. Congress of the United States Party. Barrels of money. Belly dance. Naked women. Aborigines with a boomerang. The action of an atomic explosion. Concert in the park. The orchestra is playing. Drug addicts. Smog over the city. Discharge of poisoned water. Corpses of animals, birds. Buddhists are dancing in the street. Hippies in the park. Emaciated, hungry children. Advertising of meat, ice cream, household items, fur, wines. The police disperse the demonstrators. Truck with a portrait of Mao. Paintings about Mao, sculptures. The Red Guards. The soldiers shoot at the sparrows. Mao's statements. Girls perform exercises with rifles. Kindergarten children march with rifles, dance in front of a portrait of Mao. Nuclear explosion in China. People with radiation sickness. Children paint on the asphalt.
M. Romm
Film ID
, dance
, leisure
, addiction
, sports
, wars and conflicts20 centuries
, entertainment
, advertising
, state structure
, air transport
, music
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
Screenplay S. Zenin, A. Novogrudskiy, M. Romm
Release Date
Has Sound

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