Anna Andreevnas Fourth Dream

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Nurse of the village first-aid post A.A. Avzeeva talks about her faith in the ideals of communism, about her worship of V. I. Lenin, about her difficult life path, on which there were ten years in the camps, and a suicide attempt, and war, and love. First part. Snow-covered houses on a village street. A wooden house in winter, in the foreground is a weather vane in the form of an airplane in one of the courtyards. The boy is walking down the street. A dog runs on a chain in the snow near the house. Panorama based on the paintings of the artist V. Grebennikov. A.A. Avzeeva in her kitchen talks about how she shot herself with a pistol, about her dreams, recalls excerpts from the works of N.G. Chernyshevsky, talks about life in the past and present, about the construction of communism, about the position of women and children in society (sinhr.). A.A. Avzeeva's office in the first-aid post: a cat by the stove, a poster "TAKE CARE OF MOTHERS", a couch behind a screen. A.A. Avzeeva floods the furnace. The second part of. A.A. Avzeeva sits at the table in the kitchen, tells how she imagines life under communism, how she wrote letters to L.I.Brezhnev, her attitude to perestroika, how she moved from the city of Bratsk to the countryside, about her work in a medical center, about attempts to go to college (sinhr.). Panorama based on a painting by artist V. Grebennikov on a religious theme. A.A. Avzeeva comes into her office, washes her hands, puts syringes to boil. A.A. Avzeeva is walking along a snowy street. Passers-by on the street. A woman is carrying a bucket on a sleigh, a dog is running nearby. An elderly woman in felt boots looks at the camera. AA Avzeeva talks about the tragedy of I. Goethe "Faust", about the famine in the Volga region, about how she fought in the Great Patriotic War, how she asked to go to the front line (sinhr.). Wooden houses under the snow. A poster announcing a competition for the best home ownership on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. The third part. A.A. Avzeeva sits at the table in the kitchen, talks about her dreams, about life in a camp in the Gorky region, about her faith in communism, about love (sync.) Winter, snowy field, a man walks along a path, in the background - trees, wooden house. View from the window of the house to the weather vane in the yard. AA Avzeeva talks about her faith in the Communist Party, about how Lenin appears to her, how he helps her in life, about human loneliness, sings a song (sinhr.). Panorama based on a painting by artist V. Grebennikov. The cat is on the table, there is a sewing machine next to it. A.A. Avzeeva demonstrates her drawing of the city of the future.
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medical services for the population
, rural settlements
, villages
, animal world
, landscapes
, peoples life
, cities
, painting
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