Anniversary of A A Yablochkina

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Honoring the oldest actress of the Maly Theater, People's Artist of the USSR A. A. Yablochkina on the occasion of the 90th birthday and 70th anniversary of stage activity. People's Artist of the USSR MI Zharov opens the gala evening. On the stage, where the whole troupe of the Maly Theater and representatives of the theatrical community is located, A. A. Yablochkin accompanied by E. D. Turchaninova and V. N. Pashennaya. The hero of the day is greeted by: Minister of Culture of the USSR N. A. Mikhailov, Rector of Moscow State University, Academician I. G. Petrovsky; artists of Moscow theaters: E. N. Gogoleva, I. V. Ilyinsky, V. N. Pashennaya, N. I. Ryzhov, G. S. Ulanova, O. V. Lepeshinskaya, I. Petrov, V. O. Toporkov. A. N. Gribov, K. N. Elanskaya, L. M. Koreneva, B. E. Zakhava, Ts. L. Mansurova, K. V. Skorobogatov, A. A. Halileeva, M. I. Tsarev, E. D. Turchaninova, V. P. Maretskaya, A. G. Koonen, F. G. Ranevskaya, G. M. Nelepp. A. A. Yablochkina speaks in return. A. A. Yablochkina and M. I. Tsarev perform an excerpt from A. Korneichuk's play "Wings" at the celebration of A. A. Yablochkina's anniversary at the Maly Theater.
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higher education
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G. Zakharova, S. Kiselev, R. Tumorina
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