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With the help of short animated plots, viewers are offered the easiest and surest way to protect themselves from the "plague of the 20th century" - AIDS - condoms. Plasticine and hand-drawn animations of the reimagined story of Adam and Eve. The tempting serpent offers Eve the forbidden fruit - an apple from the tree of knowledge, she shares it with Adam. In this film, this leads to the emergence of AIDS (the English abbreviation for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, in Russian. AIDS). Adam tries to kill AIDS with a stick, a hammer, a spear, and fires a machine gun. Everything is useless. Only a condom stops the infection. MLTP: death in the form of a skeleton in a cloak mows down all living things; two spikelets, symbolizing the feminine and masculine beginnings, hide in a condom flask and remain alive. Billiard table with white balls. Combined shooting: a speckled ball, touching white, paints it. All the balls, except for one - in a condom, became speckled. Black NDP ball: AIDS pockets all colored balls. A ball in a condom and two white balls remain on the table in the game. MLTP: starry night in the tropics. Dinosaurs mate by changing partners. A comet is falling. Only the bones with the NDP on the stone are left of the animals: "AIDS". MLTP: from a large number of letters, pairs are formed, from pairs, a bunch of small ones are formed with the NDP: "AIDS". The letters A, D and S lie down. The letter I is in a pink condom (laughter).
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infectious diseases
, epidemics
, combating epidemics
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