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The film tells about the construction of a new mill-5000 for the production of large-diameter pipes at the Nizhne-Tagil Metallurgical Plant named after V.I. Lenin (NTMK). Newsreel materials from TV NTMK were used. 1st part. The ceremonial laying of a new mill-5000 in the presence of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region E.E. Rossel, the Director of NTMK S.Nosov. Metallurgists at work in the open-hearth shop. S. Nosov gives an interview in which he talks about the significance of the project "Stan-5000" (sinhr.). Young people congratulate the newlyweds near the stele with the inscription: "Nizhny Tagil". Stele decorated with ribbons and bottles of champagne. 2nd part. Streets of Nizhny Tagil. There is a memorial plaque on the building with the inscription: "In this house from 1934 to 1937 lived a prominent party worker, a participant in the October Revolution and the Civil War, party organizer of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks in Uralvagonstroy, First Secretary of the Nizhny Tagil City Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) Okudzhava Shalva Stepanovich (1901-1937) ". The interiors of the rooms where the family of Sh.S. Okudzhava lived. Photos of the writer B.Sh. Okudzhava with his wife. A local resident recalls B.Sh. Okudzhava's visit to his father's house in 1993 (sinhr.). Traffic jams exchange point for lottery tickets. One of the young workers of the plant is doing repairs in his apartment. An elderly metallurgist recalls his work at NTMK in the difficult years of the beginning of rebuilding (sync.). Metallurgists at work in the open-hearth shop. Participants in the meeting of the NTMK administration in the office; the meeting is chaired by S. Nosov (sinhr.). NTMK administrative building. The pipes of the plant are smoking. 3rd and 4th parts. NTMK administrative building. Monument to V. I. Lenin near the plant. People pass through the checkpoint of the plant. A local resident recalls his correspondence with B.Sh. Okudzhava (sinhr.). Photo of O. Shamina - the first love of B.Sh. Okudzhava. The newlyweds talk about their plans for the future (sinhr.). The saleswoman of the wine department talks about the exchange of corks for lottery tickets (sync.). Drawing of lottery prizes in the square. Dispatching NTMK. Russian flag on the territory of the plant. Construction of a new blast furnace. Demolition of the old workshops of the plant. NTMK workers talk about themselves and their work at the plant (sync.). Archival documents about the execution of Sh.S. Okudzhava in the city of Sverdlovsk on August 4, 1937. 5th part. Moscow. Streets. Embankment. Monuments to V.I. Lenin, Yu.Dolgoruky, Peter I, B.Sh. Okudzhava. Buildings of the State Duma and Gazprom. Artist-performer V.Mishavkin sings B.Sh. Okudzhava's song about Tagil (sinhr.). Banners with the inscriptions: "Nizhny Tagil is the birthplace of the first steam locomotive in Russia" and "The city was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor".
V. Yarmoshenko
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, standard of living
, metallurgy
, higher state bodies and institutions
, literature
, music
, artistic activities
, cities
, trade
, a family
, peoples life
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V. Lamberg, V. Yarmoshenko
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