Arkady Raikin

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Variety artist A. I. Raikin walks with his grandson A. Yakovlev in the spring garden, sitting on a bench, playing an interlude. Streets of Moscow, the building of the Moscow theater of satire, posters of A. I. Raikin. Spectators in the theater hall before and during the performance. A. I. Raikin reads monologues from the stage, gives interviews, makes up, tries on wigs, changes masks behind the scenes during the performance, rests in the dressing room during the intermission, talks with the director at the rehearsal of the play "Honestly", discusses monologues with the authors, performs in day of the 40th anniversary of his creative activity, sits on stage with her daughter E.A. Raikina and son K.A. Raikin, recalls with L.O. Utesov and other artists about performances in Odessa, sits in the hall watching young actors. Photos by A.I. Raikin over the years. M. Shaginyan, M. Ulyanov, G. Tovstonogov, B. Akhmadulina, V. Gorshenina, R. Karemäe and others talk about A. I. Raikin and his work. View of the building of the "Melody" record store in Moscow, customers inside the store listen to a recording of the speech of AI Raikin. Together with A. I. Raikin, the following were filmed in the film: I. Olschwanger, I. Tsvetkov, V. Khramov, M. Gindin, D. Afanasyev, Yu. Raizman, V. Lyakhovitsky, R. Roma, L. Natanov, I. Minkovich ... Streets of the city during the rain.
M. Goldovskaya
Film ID
specialized trade
, landscapes
, art
Number of Parts
M. Goldovskaya
Other Creators
Screenplay - N. Filatova, M. Goldovskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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