Armament to the Caucasian Front

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American light tanks "Stuart" are being tested at a training tankport before being sent to the front: the tanks make complex turns and regroupings. Overcome obstacles, shoot. Tankers are resting between exercises. The commander of the tower, Comrade Vasiliev, plays the accordion, sitting on the armor of the tank, his comrades are sitting next to it. One of the tankers is dancing on the armor. The commanders of tank units of the 191st Tank Brigade at the training tank training ground before the start of the exercise. One of the commanders gives a signal from the rocket launcher to start the exercise. The commanders disperse to their vehicles, get into the tanks. Tanks begin training. A column of tanks on the parade ground. One of the tankers gets into the tank. Representatives of military acceptance, tankers inspecting tanks, exchanging greetings with American colleagues who delivered weapons that arrived from Iran via the Caspian Sea to the port of Baku, talk with tankers. Unloading a barge with tanks using port cranes. A column of tanks on the territory of the port. Panorama along the seashore, around the city. General view of railway cars on floating platforms (barges) in the port water area. General view of passing trucks with artillery pieces. Type of railway junction, trains. The locomotive is leading a train with tanks to the North Caucasian front. Tankers waving their hands from railway platforms. View of cargo platforms with trucks and a train with weapons at one of the stations. The movement of the train along the tracks. Representatives of military acceptance pass along the column of tanks ("Valentine III"). A column of tanks is moving along the street.
N. Bolshakov
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the great patriotic war
, sea transport
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O. Mamedov, F. Eremeev
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No Sound

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