Around the Construction Site

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A film about environmental problems in the development of oil and gas fields and the construction of pipelines in various natural zones of the Soviet Union. Part I Central Asia. Camels graze in the sands, turtles crawl on dry grass. The oil rig is shrouded in black smoke, [oil] is burning in the sands. Construction of a pipeline in the desert, workers are welding. In the pipeline zone there is dead sand (no vegetation and living creatures), it is partially filled up. The sand covers the gas workers' settlement. Polar region. Snow fields are covered with sand, bare roots of trees are visible on one of the construction sites. Huge construction equipment dumps are covered with snow and sand. Transcarpathia. Landslide processes on the hillsides. Power transmission lines over the felled forest. Destroyed pipelines, roadside drainage ditches, roads. Yamal Peninsula. The land around the construction site is strewn with ruts from heavy machinery, some of them filled with [oil products]. Reindeer breeder's chum. A herd of deer grazes. In the settlement of Yamburg, the production buildings of the "UKPG-2 YAMBURG" (complex gas treatment unit). Part II Yamal Peninsula. Reindeer breeders' camp. A herd of reindeer. Ravines, landslides at the pipeline construction site. Flooded impassable seashore. Moscow. At the Ministry of Construction of Oil and Gas Industry Enterprises of the USSR (USSR Ministry of Oil and Gas Construction), a meeting of the working group developing effective environmental protection in the areas of construction of oil and gas industry facilities. An employee of the ministry makes a report "The structure of the environmental protection service and the rational use of natural resources in the Ministry of Oil and Gas Construction" (environmental protection - environmental protection). Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Nadym. In the environmental department, after training, they issue documents giving the right to work in Yamal. Schoolchildren are introduced to the nature of the Arctic in the ecological and methodological center "House of Nature". Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Yamburg settlement (environs). Ice road construction. Tractors pull superblocks (large construction and technological blocks).
V. Mikhailov
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protection of nature and the environment
, power lines
, electricity of the net
, types of vehicles
, pipeline transport
, capital construction
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V. Mikhailov
Other Creators
assistant operator Sh. Berkeshi, editor L. Rostomashvili, consultants Ph.D. L.P. Semenov, Ph.D. A.V. Ameline
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