Arrival of a Foreign Delegation to Leningrad and Other Subjects

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Pieces of the chronicle. 1st part. Demonstration dedicated to the opening of the Yaropoletskaya power plant in the village of Yaropolets, Volokolamsk region. There are geese in the street. Rural house decorated with greenery, unfinished house. Demonstrators are standing: peasants, children, soldiers; walk down the street. Musicians of the amateur orchestra. There are poles with electric wires along the village street. A wooden house with electric wires connected to it. Winter road, people are riding in a sleigh. House decorated with flags. Amateur peasant orchestra; Demonstration on Red Square in Moscow: members of the foreign delegation welcomed the demonstrators, the demonstrators are walking along Red Square. AI Rykov and other speakers are speaking. Fanfarists are passing by; Winter, skiers. The road, people are walking, factory buildings are visible. Access road to the plant. Moscow. Opening of the monument to V.V. Vorovsky. GV Chicherin on the podium with a group of comrades; 2nd part. The yard of the plant, workers with a trolley, workers are walking. Buildings of the plant. Children are playing; Oktyabrsky railway station in Petrograd. Meeting the foreign delegation on the platform. Passenger train, passengers in the carriage. A fire truck, a fire brigade is working: watering the building with a hose, showing a fire safety mask. 3rd part. Oktyabrsky railway station in Petrograd. The car at the platform, the passengers are getting out, meeting the delegation with slogans and a banner. The orator is speaking. The orchestra of the Red Navy men of the Baltic Fleet is playing; Leningrad Metal Plant No. 7: a worker is driving a trolley through the territory of the plant, an electrician at the switch.
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, rural settlements
, agitation and propaganda
, state figures
, railway transport
, interstate relations
, fire fighting
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