Arrival of the Padishah of Afghanistan Amanullah Khan in the USSR

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Russia, Moscow. Solemn meeting of Padishah Amannul Khan, who arrived in the USSR on an official visit. State flags of Afghanistan on the platform of the Belarusian-Baltic railway station. The platform is decorated with fir branches. Representatives of the country's leadership, foreign diplomats, representatives of the Afghan embassy in national costumes, Afghan officers, representatives of the Afghan colony with their flag on the platform. A train is coming. Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR MI Kalinin, padishah Amanullah Khan, and his entourage bypass the guard of honor on the platform and at the station square. Among the accompanying persons: People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs, Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR K.E. Voroshilov, Deputy People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs L.M. Karakhan, Chief of the Guard of Honor, Commander of the Moscow Military District B.M. Shaposhnikov and others. The guard of honor passes in a solemn march in front of the padishah; next to Amanullah Khan are M.I. Kalinin, K.E. Voroshilov, Afghan ambassador, wife of the padishah, Queen Soraya, A.M. Kolontai, L.M. Karakhan and others. M.I. Kalinin and Padishah Amanullah Khan get into the car. Queen Soraya and A.M. Kolontay get into the car. People's Commissar of Education A.V. Lunacharsky in the car Note: the credits in the film are in Ukrainian.
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