Art and School A Look Into the Future

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The film tells about the aesthetic education of school and preschool children. The first part. Russia, Moscow. A solemn meeting in the courtyard of school number 209 on September 1st. Schoolchildren, parents, first graders with bouquets of flowers near the school. The teacher holds a sign with the inscription: "1-A". A high school student speaks in front of a microphone. The first grader rings the bell. Senior pupils lead first graders to school. The inscription on the blackboard - "I am glad to meet you!". Schoolchildren in a class at a music lesson. The girl plays the metallophone. Portraits of composers S.V. Rachmaninov, P.I. Tchaikovsky, D.D.Shostakovich, D.B. Kabalevsky in the class. The teacher plays the piano, students play noise instruments in the classroom. Newsreel footage (1970s): D.B. Kabalevsky leads a music lesson at school; performance of the children's symphony orchestra in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory: conductor D.B. Kabalevsky. A group of schoolchildren approaches the building of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Schoolchildren climb the stairs of the museum. Building and signboard of the Ministry of Public Education of the RSFSR. Head of the Music Laboratory at the Research Institute of Schools of the Ministry of Public Education of the RSFSR, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences L.V. Goryunova gives an interview in which she talks about the program of musical education at the school of D.B. Kabalevsky (sinhr.). Institute researchers in the laboratory for a conversation. Selected pages of the textbook on music by D.B. Kabalevsky. Artist B.M. Nemensky in the class at a lesson in fine arts. Pupils draw at their desks. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Smolensk Novodevichy Convent. Pupils paint behind easels near the Novodevichy Convent. Towers, the wall of the Novodevichy Convent. BM Nemensky observes the work of students. The author of the program "World Art Culture for High School Students" LM Predtechenskaya works at her desk. High school students in the classroom at the lesson. Newsreels (1920-1930s); a banner on the building of the Bolshoi Theater with the inscription: "Greetings to the All-Union Teachers' Congress"; N.K.Krupskaya, A.V. Lunacharsky in the presidium of the congress; a detachment of pioneers on a city street; children's party in the park; students sit at their desks in the open air; student at the microscope; students look through the card index, fold notebooks; a children's brass band plays; girl works at the loom. Photographs of teachers S.F. and V.N.Shatskikh. Cover of SF Shatskiy's book "Vigorous Life" (From the experience of a children's labor colony). Russia, Ivanovo. The tram is passing along the street. Transport traffic on the city street. Schoolchildren are approaching the building of school # 33, where the Center for Aesthetic Education has been established. Schoolchildren in the class draw at their desks, make an applique out of leaves. Works by schoolchildren. The teacher conducts a music lesson in the classroom (synchronously). Schoolchildren sing a song about summer in chorus (synchronously). Second part: Russia, Ivanovo. High school students in class at a literature lesson on the topic: "Blok, Vrubel, Scriabin." Students at a literature lesson dedicated to the poetry of A.A. Akhmatova. Portrait of A.A. Akhmatova, there is a candle near the portrait. A student reads a poem by A.A. Akhmatova (synchronously). Students in the school hallway during a break. Deputy Director of the Center for Artistic Education V.G. Aleksandrovna gives an interview in which she speaks about the program of art and aesthetic education of schoolchildren (synchronously). A group of schoolchildren are singing on stage. Schoolchildren for a lesson in a choreographic class. Girls for a lesson in the circle "Hostess-golden hands". Demonstration of models of the School Model House. Children's choreographic ensemble performs on stage. Meeting of the creative club for parents. The school director V.K. Tyurin plays the piano. The students are applauding in the hall. The teachers are applauding on stage. Moscow. Transport traffic around the Pashkov House. Yu.N. Usov, Candidate of Pedagogy, is teaching audiovisual arts in the classroom. A film projector is working. Researcher L.V. Bogomolova conducts a lesson in choreography. Students on stage during a lesson in scenography. A fragment of a school play on stage. The teacher conducts a rehearsal of a school play. Moscow region., Shcherbinka. Parents with preschool children approach the building of the experimental art school. The teacher conducts a music lesson; the girl is singing. The teacher conducts a lesson in the visual arts. Children sing, play during class. The girl plays the metallophone. The teacher plays the piano. Children sing, act out a scene during the performance. Spectators applaud Belgorod region. A children's folklore group of students from two rural schools in the Alekseevsky district performs in front of the school building. Members of the folklore group perform in front of the villagers. A teacher in a folk costume is leading a lesson in the classroom. Pupils visiting the exhibits of the school museum of peasant life. Speech by the school ensemble of Russian songs (synchronously). The folklore ensemble performs in the meadow, on the embankment (synchronously). Russia, Moscow. Traffic on Gorky Street near the building of the Moscow City Council. The territory of the Mosfilm film studio. Film director, actor, People's Deputy of the USSR R.A. Bykov gives an interview in his office, in which he talks about the importance of culture (synchronously). Art school students paint behind easels near the Church of St. Barbara.
Georgiev V.
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, urban transport
, out-of-school education
, school education
, rural settlements
, automobile transport
, christianity
, museums
, villages
, preschool education
, cities
, pedagogy and psychology
, pioneer organization and other childrens organizations
, music
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Vasilkov N.
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