Art Born in the Mountains

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Dagestan. Mountain landscape, poppies, poplars, waterfall, mountain river. Shepherd with a flock of sheep. Mountain aul. Derbent city. Fortress wall. Horsemen are racing. Dzhigit performs exercises on a horse. Aul Balkhary. Streets of the aul. Mountain woman at work. Pottery. H. Abakarov for painting jugs. Carpet workshop. Girls at work. Finished carpets. Carpet with a portrait of Lenin. Bust of the people's ashug of Dagestan Suleiman Stalsky. Power station. High voltage line in the mountains. Sea shore. Surf. Ships in the port. Seiner fishermen. The city of Makhachkala. Lenin monument. Kumyk theater. The artists are looking at sketches. Says People's Artist of Dagestan, director Hamid Rustamov (synchronously). Dressing room of the Laki Theater. A. Jalalov is making up, M. Musalov is present. The play "Aygazi" staged by the Kumyk Theater. People's Artist of the RSFSR B. Muralova as Aygazi-Ali Kurumov, Gyulgyz. Composers M. Kazhlaev, N. Dagirov and S. Agababov get acquainted with the latest works of the honored art worker E. Hasanov. Sings I. Batalbekova. Dance "Lezginka". Students of the Leningrad Choreographic School in the classroom. Hermitage. Various products of the Kubachin people in the museum hall. Kubachi engravers father and son A. Akhmedov and R. Alikhanov at work. Landscape of the villages of Kubachi, Tsovkra. Streets of the aul. Musicians are playing. The boy walks along the wire. Competition of tightrope walkers. The musician is playing. Avar dance.
L. Isaacson
Film ID
national life
, applied art
, energy
, fishing
, livestock
, sea transport
, theatre
, landscapes
, pottery production
, professional education
, music
Number of Parts
N. Danshin, A. Sarantsev
Other Creators
Script A. Abakarov, text V. Gurvich, sound technicians S. Esiev, M. Vendrov
Release Date
Has Sound

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