Artist Maltsev

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A film about the artist A. Maltsev from the village "Zvezda" of the Samara region. Filmed by order of the gallery of contemporary art "M'ARS". 1 part. Chairman of the Board of the Gallery of Contemporary Art "M'ARS" Konstantin Vasilyevich Khudyakov in his office speaks about the artist A. Maltsev (sinhr.) Artist A. Maltsev is walking along the platform of the railway station. Passengers climb the stairs of the underpass to the platform. The conductor checks the passenger's ticket. A passenger train travels along the railroad tracks. Passengers pass through the carriage. Artist A. Maltsev sits near the window in a reserved seat carriage, talks about himself (sinhr.) Moscow apartment of A. Maltsev's fellow student - Semyon Voronov, who organized an exhibition of A. Maltsev's paintings at home. S. Voronov talks about the natural talent of the artist (sinhr.). Pictures of A. Maltsev. Railway station "Zvezda". House of A. Maltsev. A. Maltsev's wife says that the locals do not perceive him as an artist (sinhr.). Two daughters A. Maltsev in the room. Part 2 A. Maltsev in the train carriage talks about himself (sinhr.), Drinks tea. Passengers in a train carriage. The men go to bed on the top bunk. Cars stand at the railway crossing at night. Semaphore lights are flashing. A. Maltsev smokes. Passenger train en route at night. Flickering fields, poles, rural houses (filming from a moving train). A. Maltsev's fellow student - S. Voronov talks about A. Maltsev's work (sinhr.). Pictures of A. Maltsev.
A. Baranov
Film ID
, railway transport
, rural settlements
, painting
Number of Parts
V. Aboimov
Other Creators
Sound engineer V. Shubin, editor B. Kozhin, consultant O. Torchinsky, film director A. Chasovsky
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